I Love My Job

Posted On August 21, 2007

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Because I sell custom items through my business, I typically don’t have tons of inventory on hand. That seems to be changing lately as I pick up more wholesale accounts. I spent part of today getting tutus tagged and shaped and ready to sell. Right now they are hanging around my (somewhat untidy) dining room table, but I’ll move them later on tonight to a clothing rack before delivering them later in the week. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the multicolored fluffy clouds of tulle sharing my space.


15 Responses to “I Love My Job”

  1. Roxie Morrow

    What eye candy! I would want to leave them right there for awhile. Such pretty softness. You do wonderful work, congrats on acquiring more wholesale accounts.

  2. capello

    egads, so pretty! and girly. i’m not use to girly and i’m really beginning to appreciate it.

  3. Megan

    All those tutus gathered together look delightful!

  4. JaimeM

    Such colorful delight! Very cute. πŸ™‚

  5. heidi

    lovely tutus my dear!

  6. Sadira

    Ohhh…it looks like those weird things from the McDonalds ads…whatever those things were…I like them though, and I would be tempted to keep them up in the name of being festive!

  7. Kuky

    Those are so pretty! They make me think of dress up and Halloween. Now you’ve got ME thinking of Halloween! πŸ˜€

  8. Andy Weinstock

    Mary: I’d love to add your tutu picture to our web site at http://www.tulle.net, where in dancewear and costumes, we have hundreds of tutu’s.

  9. Jen

    How fun that would be seeing all of those in a dining room. I can just imagine all the little girls that will love wearing them one day.

  10. Jessica

    Mary they look so pretty! You are just eh busy bee lately!!

  11. Felicia

    They look very festive!

  12. Amy (Peptogirl)

    YAY! But now I can’t figure out how to contact you either! lol. My email is peptogirl@gmail.com.

    Those tutus look so fun!

  13. Leslie

    So pretty! It’s like having a bunch of ballerinas seated at the table!

  14. catherine

    Hey there, This is Catherine from Intown Quilters!! I have not been in Atlanta this summer and now I am getting back into the groove of school and schedules. I found your blog via Happy Zombie and recognized your daughter! Hope that you are doing well. Best, Catherine

  15. Christi

    Wow, Mary, those are just yummy!!!! Soooooooooo cute and it’s great to hear that things are taking off for you πŸ˜‰

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