Our Houseguest

Posted On August 29, 2007

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I sent our younger son out to mow the lawn this weekend. Actually, I sent him out to finish mowing the lawn, since his initial attempt was so poorly done (he mowed only the very front of the yard, not the sides, and left grass mohawks EVERYWHERE). While in the backyard, he nearly mowed over a turtle — but didn’t — and brought it up for us to check out.

Isn’t s/he cute?! I made Honey put his housekey in the shot for perspective. I put it in a bowl with a rest place, a little water and some lettuce, and s/he promptly hung out there for a day or two. Miss L was obsessed with it; she was always pulling one of her stools up to the butcher block to talk to the turtle and comment on her observations:

“Her hiding from me!”

“Her sleeping!”

“That turtle not eating her lettuce!”

I took these pictures shortly before Honey and I returned the turtle to the great wilderness aka the culvert adjacent to our cul de sac. The girl handled it pretty well but G was bummed, having insisted that the turtle would make a great pet (in a house with a dog, two cats and five humans — uummmmmm, no).

Now for the technical bits. I shot these photos in my kitchen, after the sun set, using available light (a three-bulb fixture in my kitchen). I corrected the white balance in Photoshop, which is easier to do because I shoot in Camera RAW. I also upped the ISO. The second two pics are not great on the focus; some of that is likely due to camera shake. I like the focus on the first but I’m not so sure about the composition, or about the strip of wood — I think it may pull the eye away.


5 Responses to “Our Houseguest”

  1. heidi

    soooooooo sweet. sooooooooooo sweet.

  2. Jen

    Very sweet…but can carry salmonela (is that how you spell it?) Reptiles are known for that so wash hands. Especially with baby turtles.

  3. sadira

    Awww…turtles are so cute! I think it’s illegal for one to posses desert turtles here unless there is something wrong with them…But, they’re cute nontheless…

  4. capello

    it looks like a land turtle! lucky! and feed it worms. and crickets. and houseflies. tuckie loves those.

  5. Melissa R. Garrett

    how tiny! and how cute!!

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