A Little Fall

Posted On September 17, 2007

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After a nearly insufferable August, the weather has taken a turn toward fall here the past couple of days. Ah, cooler weather makes me so happy. It would have made me even happier on Saturday, when I spent five hours at a cross-country race, but I’ll really take it whenever I can get it.

Those sweet gals over at Sew, Mama, Sew let me take part in children’s clothing month by reviewing a pattern. It’s up today, so you can read all my thoughts on the Britches & Bloomers pattern on their blog.

I couldn’t make the pants without throwing together a top to go with. I really love how the outfit turned out. I plan to make a long-sleeved tee to go under the top. I hope I can find a nice knit in that sort of latte colored fabric; I think that would be perfect.

Miss L wore the outfit to an art festival a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a different location for the little photo shoot, plus I wanted to go check out cool stuff (and maybe shop a little).

I think it really turned out to be a great fall transitional set. The fabric is Joel Dewberry’s Damask Espresso-Manzanita (I dare you to say that three times super fast!) with Brown Dots for contrast. I’m a sucker for brown with blue, especially aqua, so there was no doubt that I would love this fabric. I think the brown dot works with it because the white field is a warm white so it’s a nice complement to the cream of the Manzanita. I’d originally bought the dots for another set and it just didn’t work for me like I thought it would. Lucky for me that it was still in the stash!

A huge thank you to Beth and the gang over at Sew, Mama, Sew for letting me play along! Love the store and the blog, and Free Fabric Friday is awesome!


11 Responses to “A Little Fall”

  1. Amy

    Every time I see your little girl, I think…I need a little girl. She is so precious. I love the outfit.

  2. Megan

    Utterly gorgeous! I absolutely love the fabric you have used for this.

  3. Jen

    Very cute Mary…it turned out so well and I love the colors and patterns together. πŸ™‚

  4. sadira

    What a great outfit! Why is it that I do not look good in these things? Is this what they mean by youth is wasted on the young? She’s just adorable!

  5. Jessica

    My goodness…. it is absolutely lovely! ! ! I can’t wait to have a little girl to sew for! Maybe “next time”… LOL πŸ™‚

  6. Melissa Garrett

    Completely adorable style, and I LOVE the fabric!! Oh, how I wish I had more time for sewing . . . (you did an awesome job!)

  7. Susie

    Sweet girl and sweet outfit! So you’re in Atlanta — my daughter ran in a cross country race in Douglasville on Saturday. That wouldn’t have been the race you were at was it? We live in Ringgold.

  8. jessica

    Super cute! Miss L looks darling! Love the photos… you are just a walking sewing machine- I’m so jealous!!

  9. Helena

    This looks great, she’s so cute! PS, I finished my tag it was hard!

  10. Angelina

    Obviously she’s the most stylish girl on earth. I love the fabrics you chose and especially because they aren’t the traditional little girl choices.

  11. sheree

    Love the set! Off to read the pattern review. πŸ™‚

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