Empty Spaces

Posted On September 18, 2007

Filed under Confession, Home, Sewing

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While in the middle of a project, my serger flipped out. I don’t know about you, but I find that it’s pretty handy to have both the upper and lower looper working at the same time. For some random reason, my serger decided this was not to be.

My little Brother has gone to the shop and now I’m faced with having to occupy myself in other ways.

Like cleaning the house.



8 Responses to “Empty Spaces”

  1. Helena


  2. Kuky

    Yes that’s my reaction to housework too! 😀

  3. sadira

    Oh cruds! That is drastic. I am in the middle of a big sewing project right now myself, and I have to stop from time to time and adjust…the house work is going to have to wait…and that may not be a good thing…I need a wife.

  4. Jessica Chapman

    Awww! I hope he returns in ship shape and you two get to make up for lost time! :))))) LOL! –hey, and they do say that you can count housework as working out… so kill two birds with one stone… yippie!!!

  5. Sandi Henderson

    LOL! Oh how are you surviving?? Feel free to come borrow mine. 😉

  6. Linda

    That sucks, mine kept breaking the upper looper a while back. Finally took it in. It’s no fun to be without it.

  7. sheree

    That’s a great shot!! I should send my machines in for “repair” and maybe I’ll get all my house work done too!lol

  8. Tonya

    That stinks…hope you are abck to sewing soon without too much withdrawls to go through!

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