De Ja Vu

Posted On September 21, 2007

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Remember this entry back in July?

As I explained then, news trickles down. Nutmeg over at the Material Mama Podcast shared a link to this story: Sewing’s Resurgence Hobbyists and business owners alike are taking advantage of the renewed popularity of the craft

Enjoy the read. 🙂


3 Responses to “De Ja Vu”

  1. Lisa

    Hmmmm. The Doodle stitching looks fun.

  2. Tonya

    I have that sublime stitching book…very cute! I love it…it is informative & full of cute transfers…

  3. Mary Beth

    I love the Sublime Stitching and have been using it to embelish children’s clothes and an apron for myself. It’s great for me since I’m drawing impaired. I love the satisfying sense of completion you get with embroidery. I’ll have to check out the Doodle book. Thanks for the heads up!

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