The Saturday Night Ramble

Posted On September 23, 2007

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While I was sewing recently, I listened to some of the podcasts I have missed (darn iTunes does not always update them, it appears — grrrrr). I think I may have gleaned more from them by listening to them so much later than I would have closer to air date.

Both Halfway There and the Creative Mom Podcast episodes I listened to touched on writing and journaling. As a writer and a blogger, I find the idea of writing prompts intriguing and a little daunting. However, I am the world’s worst procrastinator when it comes to writing. How badly? Let’s see … in early May, I brainstormed the plot of a book. Mentally, I have it about halfway outlined. How much is written? Ummmmmmm ….. none. I don’t think I’ve even started a file on my computer for it. And now I’ve come up with another plot and really need to write down both of them so I can start working on one or the other before it all disappears into the ether.

I also caught the Boutique Cafe episode featuring Sandi Henderson. I think my biggest “aha!” moment from that podcast was something Sandi said about designing fabric and how she hoped that would inspire someone to try her hand at sewing. It really struck a chord with me because that’s kind of the path I followed to resume sewing. All these beautiful fabrics and ideas, and I just had to sit down and do it. Goodness knows some of my ideas have been tossed in the reject pile but the sense of accomplishment I get from seeing my daughter wearing her “mama made” more than makes up for any disappointment  related to projects gone wrong.

In true craft-addict fashion, I recently acquired two new books. Both are embroidery books, something I’ve long admired but really have not done since I was much younger. I actually eschewed embroidery for cross stitching, largely because it was easier to follow the “rules” related to cross stitching. The cool, hip embroidery I’ve seen lately has renewed my interest, hence the book purchases. I’m excited about having a more portable craft, one that will also let me embellish and personalize other things that I make.

Oh, and my serger is home and running like a dream. I hope to make tomorrow a productive day!


10 Responses to “The Saturday Night Ramble”

  1. JaimeM

    I love Sublime Stitching (although haven’t tried her patterns out yet) and the other book looks like it’s worth trying too! I love embroidery and have been wanting to get into it more myself. It really is such a great portable craft! Also, love the new look of your blog!

  2. Steph

    I’m not terribly excited by the Sublime Stitching book, the range of transfers could be broader but it was good to learn with (says the pro with all of 3 stitches and 5 finished embroideries under her belt). I’m dying to buy doodle stitching though!

  3. Jessica

    I’ve gotta check out those books. Glad the episode was inspiring! :)) I am having the same problem with iTunes, too… so when I am ready to update I’m having to manually update! UGH. I need to do more sewing… I just run. out. of. time. 🙂

  4. capello

    omg, that doodle stiching looks AWESOME. i haven’t even heard of it before. 🙂

  5. Melly

    Oh wow!!! That Doodle stitching book looks fab!!! I havent seen that one before – may have to look it up.

  6. Jessica

    I just picked up the Doodle book this weekend and LOVE it! Next is Sublime Stitching, I hear it’s packed full of awesome patterns!

  7. Jen

    Okay, this is funny — I have that Sublime Stitching book (and a TON of their patterns) and the Doodle book is in my Amazon wish list. Serendipity!

  8. sadira

    I love a good ramble…which is good, otherwise there would be absolutely no content to my little blog. I have been thinking about doing more hand-crafts lately myself…me thinks it is the change in temperatures…

  9. Angelina

    I’m also a fan of Sublime Stitching and have learned what I know from a kit of Jenny Hart’s that I sold in my store.

  10. Sheree

    The sublime stitching book is a fave of mine! I have not used any of the patterns, but it was after reading that book that I decided to just try it and made one of my all time favorite sets–Leah’s Garden.

    The doodling book I have on my wish list and hope to get it for my birthday in December. I have bought so many books, I am putting myself on a book diet until December!lol


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