Camera Crazy

Posted On October 14, 2007

Filed under Photography

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That’s the number of pictures I just downloaded from my camera.

All of them were taken today.

Yep, I’m gonna be busy.

(Today’s events included a friend’s birthday party and Homecoming  dance for my oldest.)


4 Responses to “Camera Crazy”

  1. Happy Zombie

    Stop teasing and start showing! You pic-tease you. ;o)

  2. Cheryl

    What beautfiul pictures of Miss L. Wish I could take photos that looked that amazing!

  3. Jessica

    Don’t blame you! I, too, do the same thing… my parents and hubby and friends talk about buying me more computer space for all of my many photos… LOL>

  4. sadira

    Oh Well…don’t you think you have to take at least that many just to get a few keepers? That seems to be how it works with me anyway…

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