Weekend Fun

Posted On October 15, 2007

Filed under Kids, Photography

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Oh, what a fun weekend, albeit a busy one. Dinner with friends, birthday party, shopping excursion, Homecoming. Whew! I’m glad for Monday and a bit of rest.

It took me a couple of hours to go through all my photos and edit them, crop them and upload them so I can get prints. I think I ended up with about 40 for printing and sharing. Most of them include other people’s children, so I can’t share them here. But I will share one pic of Miss L, snapped as she waited for a slice of her buddy’s birthday cake.


7 Responses to “Weekend Fun”

  1. Leslie

    What a beautiful, expressive face Miss L has. Such a perfect subject for your camera!

  2. Angela

    Look at those lashes!! Whatta pretty girl!

  3. Jessica

    Look at her little painted nails… so cute 🙂

  4. Helena

    I’m dying over her pretty pink nails! PS thanks for the backdrop info!

  5. sadira

    Oh the anticipation of cake! I love the reflection of her in the table as well…

  6. craftapple

    That’s a lot of pictures to go through. But 40 good ones? That’s pretty good, too.

    She’s got beautiful curls!

  7. Angelina

    That is a great picture. Max is never still enough for me to take good pictures of him.

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