Golden Oldie

Posted On October 20, 2007

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Help yourself to a slice of birthday cake! I made it myself with the help of some digiscrapping elements and papers from The Shabby Princess. Aren’t they yummy?

Yes, I am officially another year older. It’s amazing how that keeps happening.

In honor of my natalis, I’m sharing 37 completely random things. Enjoy!

  1. I like spicy candy: Hot Tamales, Cinnamon Bears, Sizzling Cinnamon Jelly Belly beans.
  2. I often have to fall asleep with my feet out of the bedclothes.
  3. I love sushi and could eat it just about every day. Not so much the sashimi, though.
  4. While I may love sushi, I can’t eat anything with suckers or eyeballs. shudder
  5. Probably my all-time favorite dessert is creme brulée. It’s that combination of crunch and custard, hot and cold. Divine.
  6. Love the flavor of strawberries, can’t abide the texture. Or the seeds.
  7. Peaches are foul. And furry.
  8. Pears aren’t much better.
  9. I love where I live except that it lacks a beach.
  10. I took voice lessons for two years, almost right up until Miss L was born.
  11. And yet I still lack the confidence to sing in front of people.
  12. However, it is requested that I sing “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight” to one curly blond preschooler on a nightly basis.
  13. That audience of one makes me feel like the best singer in the whole, wide world.
  14. There is no Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate for me; I love them both. Well, I love the original Star Wars trilogy.
  15. Jean Luc Picard, hands down.
  16. It’s probably criminal that Joss Whedon does not have a show on television.
  17. My favorite episode of Buffy is Hush.
  18. Nathan Fillion is hot but Adam Baldwin brings the funny.
  19. I’m so glad he’s on Chuck.
  20. The Maya/Alejandro storyline on Heroes is really getting on my nerves.
  21. I have two cats and a dog.
  22. All of them have food names: Broccoli, Rhubarb, Avacado.
  23. I’d like to get a tattoo some day.
  24. Honey isn’t so crazy about the idea.
  25. Reading is probably my all-time favorite pastime.
  26. My taste in movies is questionable, I’ve been told.
  27. I tend to watch all those teen movies over and over again: Drive Me Crazy, She’s All That, etc.
  28. My husband spoils me.
  29. I have a thing for notebooks. I probably buy one a month.
  30. These days I buy them to replace the ones my daughter hides.
  31. My driving is nothing to brag about.
  32. Nor is my parking.
  33. I’m an even worse passenger, however.
  34. I like doing nice things for other people.
  35. One day, I’d like to travel to Portugal.
  36. Germany, too.
  37. I hope my children will always know how much I love them.

13 Responses to “Golden Oldie”

  1. Jen

    Happy Birthday Mary! I am not a fan of the fuzziness of peaches either.

  2. capello

    dude. creme brulee is the BEST.

    and happy birthday!

  3. Lisa

    Great digital work. I’m still learning how to use photoshop but I love to see all the great things others are doing with the technology.

    I vote Star Trek “the original” series. Who doesn’t love Capt. Kirk, in all his youthful glory.

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Kuky

    Happy birthday!

  5. sadira

    What a great list…I was nodding in agreement quite a bit! Peaches are horrible aren’t they? Organic pears don’t quite gross me out though…And the Heroes thing? Everytime that particular storyline comes on, we roll our eyes, say something about being PC…and then feverishly pray that Sylar kills them! OH…and I have a tattoo…and I LOVE it!!!

  6. Hope

    Happy Birthday! and i agree teen movies are the BEST!

  7. Helena

    Happy Birthday! Buffy rocks, although I can’t remember which one is “Hush”

  8. Happy Zombie

    Happy Birthday Mary!!!! I’m totally with you on the creme brulée! And it’s something I love to make… the house smells soooo yummy.

    I’m not much of an ice cream eater, but the Ben & Jerry’s creme brulée is out of this world!

  9. Katie

    Happy Birthday mary! I hope you had a great birthday. And I’m totally a sucker for teen movies too! And a Happy B-day to Miss L too!

  10. Angelina

    Happy belated birthday!! (As usual, I’m late to the party.) Hush is my favorite Buffy episode too. Of all time. YES! about Nathan Fillion. Is Adam Baldwin one of the famous Baldwin brother bunch? Because I like Adam Baldwin but I LOATHE the other Baldwins.

    I love it when people make lists of random things.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

  11. Lisa

    Totally cute pictures. Love the little fairy wings (digital?). I’ll check back to see your photo-licious pictures of your latest creations.

  12. Anna

    Happy Birthday! Just stumbles upon this blog – Hush is my favourite too – closely follwed by Once More with a Feeling.

  13. Tracy

    I’m soon to be 45 and I love Buffy (really miss it), love teen movies, and Adam Baldwin, I remember the first thing I saw him in was the movie My Bodyguard, he was just a teenager. Jean Luke Piccard all the way.

    Happy Be-lated Birthday,

    Tracy M.

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