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Posted On October 26, 2007

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As promised in my last entry …

I decided a few years ago to do Miss L’s Halloween costumes based on storybook characters. This year’s inspiration is Little Red Riding Hood.

I started with Folkwear’s Kinsale Cloak for Young Maidens. It’s made with a rich red baby cord and lined with a dark-red rose printed fabric. I love how the cloak turned out but it was a real challenge.

I find the Folkwear instructions difficult to follow and invariably make mistakes. It took me about two weeks to sew the cloak because I kept stopping to read throug the directions repeatedly before moving on to the next step.

In spite of all that, I look at it and think, “Yeah! I made this!” LOL!

(As I was handstitching the hem closed while waiting for Liesl’s ballet class to end, one of the other moms offered to buy it from me when I was done with it. That gave me a huge ego boost, especially because I still had to finish hand-stitching the lining to the hem. Can we say “tedious”?) .

You really don’t see what’s under the cloak while it’s on but I know my daughter will end up taking off the cloak as soon as I’ll let her. Underneath is a white peasant styled top with shirred neckline and cuffs. I used Michael Miller’s Dandy Damask for the skirt. The apron is hand embroidered, based on a pattern from Doodle Stitching. I actually worked on the embroidery during my Junior League meeting and got lots of teasing from my friends. It’s the first embroidery I’ve done in decades and I think it turned out pretty well.
A close up of the hood while it’s on. You can see on top of her head the ties that gather the hood around her face. In retrospect, I wish I had used the lining fabric for the ties so it would not only blend a little more but also be easier to tie. That cord gets kind of bulky. On a side note: right after I took this picture, one half of the frog popped off the cloak. Boy, am I glad that happened today instead of while we are out trick or treating.

Miss L seems to be happy with her Halloween costume, even though she wasn’t particularly overjoyed to be doing a fashion show. She wore it to the Halloween Carnival at her school this morning and it was a big hit. We’re planning to go trick or treating at one of the malls tomorrow evening, which will give her another chance to wear it.

In addition to sewing, I’ve also been occupied with some home improvement projects. Someone who shall remain nameless learned how to climb out of her crib recently, which sent us looking for a bed for her.  I found a nice twin mattress and box spring at a clearance center near my house and a $30 twin bed frame on Craigslist. The wood of the headboard and footboard was painted black, so I set the boys to sanding it down so it could be repainted.

I already had bedding for it, picked up on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids last year. We have a lot of beachy things throughout the  house and the bedding for her room was a nice complement.

I used a deep, hot pink for the base coat and a crackle medium to let the bright apple green topcoat separate and “age” the piece. Please excuse the off colors; it’s really overcast here and I just couldn’t get good light for these pics. A funky bed meant refinishing the dresser in her room, too.

When I was pregnant with L, I stained the unfinished dresser cherry to match the crib we bought. Off that came and on went the bright orange and pink, pulled from the bedding. The brass drawer pulls no longer worked; I found these pewter starfish on Ebay and they were the perfect finishing touch.

Congratulations if you made it this far! LOL! I’ll save my painting disaster story for this weekend. It’s a fun one!


16 Responses to “It’s Photolicious”

  1. Melissa R. Garrett

    “Wow” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about that cloak!! I have two more costumes to finish, and I am afraid this puts all of my collective projects to shame. WOW WOW WOW!!! GREAT JOB!!!

    You simply MUST take part in my Craftacular Tuesday Homemade Halloween Costume photo roundup. Details here:

  2. Jen

    Omigosh! Is she under there? She’s so cute and the bedroom came out so great. I love the bright colors. So girlie-girl.

  3. sadira

    Just amazing! She looks too cute…I tell you, it’s sad that we all stopped wearing cloaks around isn’t it? I mean, I have about 4 (I KNOW…silly, but they are all different styles and lengths darn it, although, I don’t have a red one…) and I think they are wonderful, warm…and tad bit slimming really…cause you look all tall and long and floaty…

    Love the new bedroom duds as well…the colors are so fun!

  4. Kuky

    Wow wow wow! That cloak came out beautiful. I was thinking of making Isabelle a red riding hood outfit to match our Halloween banner but nothing this elaborate. And then I was thinking if Isabelle is going to be red riding hood, then I’d need to be a witch and Alan a wolf and yeah…too much too much!! But seeing your cloak…hmmmm rethinking making one for Isabelle. 🙂

  5. Jessica

    Gorgeous!! Love the embroidery on the apron… I see you have been using your Doodle book!

  6. JaimeM

    Gorgeous, fabulous and lovely! The cloak turned out so nice! Miss L looks very sweet in it as well. 🙂 And love the fun colors and bedding that you have happening in her room too. Thanks for sharing all the crafty goodness!

  7. Beth

    I don’t usually leave comments, but I had to let you know how beautiful your cloak turned out. You did a fantastic job and your daughter’s costume is precious. I also love your idea for storybook/fairytale themed costumes, I’m going to keep that in mind for my daughter next year. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!!

  8. Megan

    That cloak is so stunning. I just can’t fathom where you get the patience to make all these beautifully detailed things, painted beds included.

  9. cheila

    HOLY SMOKES!!!!! i am totally in awe of that cloak. HOLY CRAP! HOLY CLOAK! dang woman!

  10. Amy

    Wow – Love the pink/green colors and crackle on the bed! And the cloak!! It’s adorable!

  11. Jessica

    LOVE THE COSTUME… and the bedroom is amazing! I LOVE beachy– and we are working on our guest room which is going to be beachy/// Sure wish I had some boys to sand down my stuff though LOL 🙂

  12. heidi

    that is a stunning cloak!!! oh my goodness!!! your talent is awesome!

  13. capello

    omg, look at that bed!

    love the costume too, but the bed! ::drool::

  14. Helena

    oh my, THAT is one awesome RRR, I’m drooling!

    The bedroom – what else can I say, but you did a great job!

  15. Angelina

    I’d love to wear that costume myself…check out those boots too! And your furniture redo is fantastic!

  16. Rachel

    that little red riding hood costume is amazing!! wow! I’m trying to learn how to sew and I hope I can do something that amazing someday.

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