It’s Party Time

Posted On October 29, 2007

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Miss L’s birthday party was yesterday. We invited a mix of guests from school and family friends, and ended up with a house full of celebrants and parents. I was actually surprised that no one sent their regrets; that’s never happened before.

I set up a corner with tutus and wings, and each guest was invited to dress up, if she wished. My daughter actually tossed off her wings pretty early, and there was no keeping the handmade birthday crown on her head.

The kids all made their own crowns (cut out beforehand by my oldest) and decorated them with (washable) crayons and stickers. For the first time ever, I had just the right amount of food (instead of three days’ worth of leftovers), although I wouldn’t have minded a few extra sausage balls! Instead of a birthday cake, I served chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with white buttercream and red and white edible glitter (the kids mostly just licked off the icing).

Pictures are sorely lacking. For some unknown reason, I took virtually no photographs. It’s a first for me, since I always have a camera attached to my face. I may stage a cupcake photo with the birthday girl in all her regalia after it comes out of the wash. Yes, I’m not above remaking history for the sake of posterity!

We found out this morning about a little extra party favor: one of her guests has strep. Yay! Crossing my fingers that no one gets it (I did call all the parents to let them know, though).


5 Responses to “It’s Party Time”

  1. Kuky

    I have a hard time getting pictures at parties too. I’m too busy partying! πŸ˜€

    And eek strep!? Oh I hope no one gets it!

  2. Jessica

    I know what you mean about photos at parties… hard to get them when things are in full swing! πŸ™‚ Love the photos that you did get, though :))))) Sounds like it was a blast… Oh, and I’m all about staging photos. Seriously. Sometimes, that’s the only way to get ’em — J.

  3. heidi

    i may never get tired of seeing miss l and her curls. recreating sounds like something i would totally do!

  4. jessica

    I tell ya- everytime I see these pics she get more and more CUTE!!! Glad your little one had a great time with family and friends!

  5. sadira

    A fun party…and a full house to boot? Sounds like the makings for a grand day!! The 2 photos that you posted are quite lovely…those ear rings are very blingy indeed…

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