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Posted On October 30, 2007

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A cupcake, that is. In the whirlwind of the birthday party, I neglected to take pictures of her birthday cake: two dozen cupcakes — half chocolate, half vanilla.

Luckily, I had a few leftovers and made a little plate of them today so I could preserve the memory.

Don’t they look tasty? They are, if I do say so myself. For the past few years, I have been a devotee of the Whimsical Bakehouse cookbook.  Not only do the cakes taste delicious but they are beautiful, too.  This year’s recipes were just as delightful and quite a hit with our guests. I used the House Buttercream to top them (just a large star tip piped on and then a sprinkling of decorating glitter) but my favorite icing is actually their Italian Meringue Buttercream. To. Die. For! Unfortunately, my success with making it has been mixed, at best. Raw egg whites combined with piping hot sugar syrup occasionally yields strings of cooked egg whites mixed with icing. Yeah, not an appetizing texture or something you’d want to put on a cake. When it works, however, it is divine.

I’ve been on a bit of a cupcake kick, so it was only natural that I make cupcakes for Miss L’s birthday. I thought that might get the urge out of my system but no such luck. Instead, I baked another batch of the vanilla today and used my excess buttercream to top them so they could be consumed at a banquet tonight. There’s more to use up, so I may have to cook up something else before the week is out.

Of course, I hope the urge doesn’t diminish before this book comes out!


6 Responses to “Have One”

  1. Jessica

    They look lovely– and thanks for the book recommendation! The little cakes book looks great too! :))))

  2. capello

    dude. cupcakes are so addicting. yummy.

  3. Jen

    WOW! The frosting alone makes me wanna sing! 🙂

  4. Helena

    I’ll have two thank you!

  5. sadira

    I’ve been on a cupcake making extravaganza as well…I have no idea why…but, I keep giving them away as well (no need to eat all the creations!)

  6. Kuky

    MMmmm yum! Those look so good. I’m not very good with decorating baked goods. I need more practice. And I need to get a proper ummm what are those called…those piping things and the tips. Oh gawd how am I going to get better if I can’t even remember what they’re called?! 😀

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