String ’em Together

Posted On November 5, 2007

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I love seeing the search phrases that led people to my blog. Not so much the crafty ones  but the rather … unusual ones.  Like the individual who arrived at my blog via “vampire episode.” Things that make you go “hmmmmm.”


3 Responses to “String ’em Together”

  1. Blair

    Would you believe that using Google images to search for “world’s sexiest fat men” led to a picture of me and one of my best friends from my blog?

    I kid you not. Of course, I shared this in class, and one of my students informed me the next day that if you don’t have safe search enabled, you get a whole lot of obese gay porn.

  2. keevef

    Good Honk. I know exactly how you feel. I have posted some of [what I think are] the strangest search terms that led people to my blog. I mean, when I want to know something, I actually type in the question. But when people put things like, “Girl pees on tree,” what are they ACTUALLY looking for? “Speedo Wedgie?” WHAT???? Speedos don’t give you wedgies, unless you go down one of those Slides of Death at the water park. Then nothing can save you from the Wedgie!

  3. Lissa

    I know what you mean about blog titles.. I had a spike in visitors when I posted a blog about ‘Yep I am a flasher’.. and another title was ” the perilous plot of professor poopy pants’.. and ‘I just can’t say No’, another title of a blog.. I type in stuipd stuff into google, and I am always surprised I get a hit.. but type in something I really need to find, and nope, nada, nothing, zilch zero.. bugger eh???

    Speedo’s do give you wedgies btw.. and the surf lifesavers in australia, give themselves speedo wedgies (back wedgies, not front wedgies that would be WRONG) cause it helps them slide on the seats in the surfboats when they are rowing.. hows that for a useless bit of information???


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