Wake-up Call

Posted On November 5, 2007

Filed under Confession

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Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I was able to see last night what other people see when I walk away.

Let’s just say it ain’t pretty.

And it’s time to resume following my Weight Watchers plan.


3 Responses to “Wake-up Call”

  1. Jessica

    I’m with ya sista! Seriously– I’ve started watching what I eat, but exercising more! I don’t want to give up the holiday goodies, but all in moderation. How did you see this anyway, by the way? That’s so funny– well, not funny… but funny.

  2. sadira

    Cruds…did you have something scary following you? I thought we were lucky to not be the creatures who’s heads turned all the way around…you know, so we couldn’t see what was going on behind us…that thing that creates all the ruckus?

  3. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Oh my heavens… I saw myself at Wal-Mart on one of those stupid TV things… ::sigh:: needless to say… I’ve quit eating… well — sort of. I’ve tried to slow down a bit… well — except for tonight, ya know… who can only eat one piece of pizza?

    OK– TOMORROW — I’m slowing down tomorrow!! Right there with ya sister!! (Hope you are having better luck than I.)

    Found your blog through Angie… she’s a funny gal! She won some C.U.T.E. fabric from you.

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