Feelin’ Scrappy

Posted On November 15, 2007

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After two hours of work, my craft area looks less like a bomb went off in a paper/textile factory and more like a functional space.

For the past couple of months, I hadn’t even bothered to refold my fabric after I brought it home. Just shoved it in the closet along with any other craft supplies I purchased. Last night, I pulled nearly all of my stash out of the closet and folded or re-folded it, then put it back on the shelf oh so neatly. Shiny!

I still have some things to put away, but at least I can now find my cutting board. And my scissors. And bobbins. Yeah, it was definitely beyond messy.

What’s holding me up right now is my rather voluminous scrap pile. I know there are tons of things to be done with scraps (including perhaps my favorite scrappy tutorial) but I have yet to make anything with my scraps. Instead, I just cram them into boxes or bags and shove them in the closet where they rub up against each other and multiply and plot to take over the world, much like pennies and bunnies.

Sorry. My paranoia took over for a moment there.

Help a girl out. What do I do with all this stuff? Pack it in flat-rate boxes and sell it for shipping costs? Find an as-yet untapped local resource for consuming all my scraps? <whisper>Throw them out?</whisper> Throw some ideas at me folks, because I? Am at a loss.

In other news, I was so proud of my accomplishment last night, that I decided to show off my handiwork to Honey when he dragged through the door near 11 p.m.

Yes, I forgot the first rule of Stash Club: Under no circumstances do you ever show your significant other your stash.

Honey looked the shelves up and down and said, “There’s a lot more fabric in here than the last time I opened the door. I’m pretty sure it would take you a few months to sew through everything in here.”

And then those words no sewist ever wants to hear:

“Maybe you shouldn’t buy anymore fabric until you’ve sewn through a decent amount of this.”



9 Responses to “Feelin’ Scrappy”

  1. Angela

    Oh man… You SO broke the first rule of sewing. NEVER let your dh see the WHOLE stash!! I feel your pain.

    I’ve got a plastic tote where I’m storing all the scraps of things I’ve made for my girls. Someday, they’ll each have a quilt with reminders of the things I’ve made for them. πŸ™‚

    You know…someday when I’m old, they’re grown and if I didn’t make them quilts I’d be sewing for my dog or somethin’…..

  2. Melissa R. Garrett

    Oh, the collective gasp of all who are reading your husband’s sentiment!!

    I hope you washed his mouth out with soap. πŸ˜‰

  3. Shannon

    Oh dear…been there. Makes me feel like I have been bad or something. But really…how many screw drivers does HE really need to have and I never say anything:)

  4. Kuky

    I don’t know what to do with scraps. I keep them too. That is until I have so much it drives me crazy and with limited storage the end up in the trash.

    And I don’t think Alan would ever say that. ONLY because his hobby is way way more expensive than mine. So he has nothing to talk about. πŸ˜€

  5. Jessi

    My stash is in several different places – not so good when you’re trying to decide what to sew, but great for disguising how much there really is…

  6. thedomesticdiva

    LOL! I remember when my DH saw my stash for the first and only time…it wasn’t pretty!

    Go over to my blog and check out my Sewing Room Organization Challenge…lots of great ideas and links to get your space all spiffy!



    Have a great weekend!

    With friendship,

  7. Becky

    If you are a quilter then http://www.quiltville.com is a great place for scrap patterns. Otherwise I like the idea of selling it off for postage.

  8. Julie

    I’ll be happy to say it… THROW THEM OUT. I yelled and it will be ok. I have found lots of scrap projects lately but I have also thrown them out and it is very liberating!

  9. Angelina

    I used to save every single last scrap that was wider than a piece of thread. Soon my whole house was stuffed with scraps and threatened to suffocate us. Then I decided that only larger scraps were worth saving and I threw out all of the little ones. That helped a lot but was hard to believe it wasn’t breaking a law. Now I think about those scraps I have folded on my shelf. Or sort of folded. I think I will make a quilt or other project out of them but when will I have time to cut out a billion tiny pieces and sew them into a quilt?

    I say if you don’t know what to do with them, ask other crafters if they would like to have them for the price of shipping, as you mentioned. that way someone else can deal with them but they won’t end up in a landfill.

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