Wonderful Wednesday

Posted On November 15, 2007

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My original title for this post was “Hump Day,” but it set me off into such a fit of giggles that I had to change it. Why, yes, I am 12!

Thanks for all the encouragement about my new life schedule. Jessica actually suggested checking out FlyLady. Ah, me and the FL go waaaaay back. She was my original declutter-and-clean mentor. After a while, though, I tend to bristle at the constant intervention. It’s just my nature. I still recommend FlyLady to others because the program absolutely works — you do have to make the commitment, though.

I’ve been using the FlyLady principles to get things on track here. One of her guiding concepts is that taking on a messy, cluttered house has to be done in little bites. Try to dive in and do it all at once will just result in burning down your house with all the clutter inside giving up in frustration. So I’m taking baby steps and working on just one room or area of the house each day. And it’s not that bad. Have a peek at my schedule (subject to change):

Living room

Master bedroom
Sewing (10 a.m.-1 p.m.)

Dining room

Bathrooms (master & upstairs)
Mop/sweep bathrooms & kitchen
Sewing (10 a.m.-noon)

My car
General cleaning as needed

Sewing (2-4 hours)

Weekly planning

Basic, every day chores like dishes and cooking are an understood. Theoretically, I’m also exercising six days a week; however, I’m just now recovered from Saturday’s hilly-5K debacle so no exercise yet this week. There’s also a block of time set aside for “creative time” every day, as well as “Internet/correspondence.” So far, some of that has been taken up with mindless surfing and watching TV.

Like I said, it’s a work in progress.

The menu planning has been a nice change of pace from the habitual “oh my gosh it’s 6 o’clock what the heck are we going to eat?” mess our evening had become. Not to mention that I always spend more on those daily trips to the store than I would if I did one big grocery trip.

Honestly, if you really feel like you need to get a handle of things, start with planning your meals. Dinners, in particular. My basic starting point is to make a list of every main dish I know will be eaten in this house, then flip through a couple of cookbooks or magazines for ideas of new things to try. (As I add those to my list, I write down the source and page number so I can find it later when I make my grocery list, and then cook the dish.)

My next step is to make a calendar grid that covers at least two weeks. I check our family calendar to see if there are any evening obligations and make note of those, and then I just fill in the blocks. I try not to bunch up “like” foods, such as pasta or ground beef or chicken. Seriously, I could not eat chicken every night for a week. I also try to keep in mind what side dishes I usually prepare with something, so that I don’t end up with mashed potatoes two nights in a row.

I block out usually one night for leftovers (although many of our leftovers are packed and sent to work with Honey for his lunch) and I typically plan out at least one night for eating out.  Then I use the calendar to make my grocery list and it’s all good from there.

It really is a simple thing and it makes such a difference, not only in the dinnertime stress level but also in the amount of money I spend at the grocery store. I don’t know about you, but I rarely get in and out with only what’s on my list. Boy, do those little unplanned purchases add up — especially if you go to the store every day!

I’m hoping to return to my regular crafty discussions soon. I have a hard time concentrating on projects when my house is not in order and that’s really where things have been lately. Actually, tonight I’m going to watch TV downstairs (the return of Project Runway!) while I reclaim my craft space, which has turned into the most chaotic mess of messes in the history of crafty messes. It’s so bad, in fact, that I refuse to take pictures and share it, lest I have to live with the embarrassment for  the rest of my natural born life or be blackmailed.


7 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday”

  1. Jen

    I am totally with you on this one. I need a sked and some order again in our house. It’s become such a disaster!

  2. thedomesticdiva

    I too love FlyLady, but I just couldn’t keep up. The only thing of hers that I am consistent with is that 17 Fling thing…you know, where you get a trash bag and quickly go from room to room tossing in 17 items to discard?

    oh, other than too much vacuuming and not enough sewing time, your schedule looks doable! LOL

    With friendship,

  3. mikawendy

    Thank you so much for posting your schedule ideas. I don’t have kids yet (soon, though!), but I still find myself wallowing in clutter and dustbunnies at home and wondering how I never feel like I’m ever getting anything accomplished with the house. I love making lists, so I think I’m going to make myself a schedule, too!

  4. sadira

    My mother and I were talking about planning meals. With the economy doing “so well” the food prices are getting a little crazy…but, with a bit of planning, you can shop frugally and eat well. My problem is, I overbuy food and then throw it away…which is horribly wasteful…I am working on NOT doing that anymore…which means salad for dinner, cause’ it may throw a riot if I don’t eat it soon…

    I am wanting to all of a sudden make skeds because I’ve been spending a lot of NOT time at the house (at someone else’s house…blush…or work mostly) Yet, the house still gets clutterized!

  5. Breanna

    Keep up the good work! Like you, me and flyLady go way back. I actually recently re-subscribed to her service, but she drives me crazy…

  6. Helena

    do you want to come over & help me…. purty please? I’ll pay for your plane ticket!

  7. Jennifer

    Thanks for the recommendation to the FlyLady system. It couldn’t have come at a better time! After a week of being lazy, my house is in total chaos. I think I might borrow your schedule ;p, minus the vacuuming….

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