Ode to a Chopstick

Posted On November 19, 2007

Filed under Sewing

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Oh, lovely red chopstick, how I adore you.

You make turning straps and ties so much easier.

My expensive tube-turning tool should hide in shame.


8 Responses to “Ode to a Chopstick”

  1. sadira

    Oh how true…the things we buy to make our lives easier…and what we have on hand from take-out joints…sigh.

  2. JaimeM

    So, so true!

  3. Rachel

    I want to see a picture of this lovely red chopstick. 🙂

  4. Jessica

    Yes… I want to see the chopstick too! …and I second this… works MUCH BETTER 🙂

  5. Melly

    How VERY VERY true!!! My chopsticks are my favourite sewing tools. They are also great for stuffing toys – keep that in mind!! =)

  6. Angela

    They make tools that are supposed to do that?? I never knew…. LOL

  7. Lisa

    This outfit is too cute. Love the fabric. You always take such wonderful pictures of all your great projects. It’s such a pleasure to browse.

  8. Happy Zombie

    I use a chopstick too… love it! Want to see yours!

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