Vida Boheme

Posted On November 22, 2007

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I think I have a new favorite dress pattern: Farbenmix’s Vida. It’s kind of like a cross between the Cara and the Marieke (my previous fave). Love, love, LOVE it. So many possibilities. I have yet to really play with it; just kind of did the basic dress without any embellishments but I have tons of ideas.

Having learned my lesson, I did sew one up before cutting the fabric and sewing one for someone else. I’ve been a bit behind on this Christmas dress and really needed to get it finished and in the mail (which I did — it went out yesterday). I really like how it turned out:

The only thing I wish I had done differently was split up the side pieces so they were mixed up instead of matching (one green and one red on each side). I also tried a little contrast stitching on the bodice (a red babywale cord) and overcame my worry about wonkiness by using a small zig-zag stitch. I think it’s a fun dress without being overwhelming.

I’m completely enamored of my first attempt:

That Robert Kaufman fabric has been in my thoughts almost constantly. I knew it was perfect for this dress pattern. I mixed it up a little bit with some Flea Market Fancy; the colors look amazing together.

I took the finished dress up to the quilt shop yesterday (they love to see what I come up with) and the RK rep was there and came over to admire it. Totally made my day! Oh, and I got sneak peek at next year’s Christmas line. I am already planning my projects because there is some majorly cute stuff a’ comin’.


11 Responses to “Vida Boheme”

  1. sadira

    E Gads!! That owl fabric is killing me…which is not good because I gotta start cooking…I love the pattern of the dress and how cute all the pieces look together, you work those fabrics perfectly girl…

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Laura

    I love this dress! The owl fabric is especially fabulous, and your daughter looks so cute in it.

  3. Angelina

    I like the owl one best. What a cute dress pattern. I want an adult sized one.

  4. Corrine

    I LOOOVE LOVE LOVE the owl one!!! It is a cute pattern! Haven’t seen this one as yet.. guess I’m a bit behind! 🙂


  5. Jessica

    Super LOVE the owl one!!! It looks GREAT- those colors are SO FALL!!!

  6. Rachel

    it’s so adorable!!!! love the mix of different patterns on each fabric.

  7. heidi

    oh mary! that is awesome in so many ways! i love it!

  8. cheila

    oh my jeez. this is wonderful. love them. now how bout your take on adult patterns?

  9. Samantha Caffee

    I just stopped by to lust over your pictures. Again. I am trying so hard to figure out this photo shop thing but I think I am just too dumb! LOL! Beautiful as usual.

  10. a writer's woolgatherings

    I never know what to say other than, I LOVE IT!!

  11. Happy Zombie

    Oh Mary! That is just too cute for words! I especially love the owl dress. Cute, cute, cute!

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