Wonderfully Wintery

Posted On December 4, 2007

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Navy blue is probably my favorite color, so when I stumbled upon this gorgeous featherwale corduroy at Joann’s back in the summer, I bought every inch. I finally sat down with it over the weekend and pulled together this cute two-piece set.

The pants are one of my favorite Burda patterns, a boot-leg style with an elastic waist. They sew up so quickly and are perfect for playing or going out to dinner — whatever the occasion. Even though the pattern doesn’t call for it, I always topstitch the outside leg seams and the rise/rear of the pants. I just think little kids don’t like their clothes to poke them, ya know?

The vest had its beginnings as the Farbenmix Emely but I made a couple of alterations. For one, I made it a little longer. I also added a little bit to the width to give it enough room to button. The straps clip on in the front but are sewn into the back. I also added a little flounce; isn’t it fun?

The flounce is cut from beautiful Martha Negely floral that reminds me of hydrangeas (probably my favorite flower). I used the same fabric to line the vest. If I’d been a little more together, I would have made the vest reversible. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

I love that the fabric looks and feels so velvety but is 100 percent cotton, so it wears (and cleans) much more easily. It’s fun to dress up little kids but they are kids; they get messy. (Oh, the messes we make!) I want everything I make to be able to go into the washer and dryer without a lot of hoopla.

BTW, as you can see from the photos, I’ve finally conquered the buttonhole problem. Of course, my fix was to use my el cheapie sewing machine (usually reserved for shirring), which did a fantabulous job.


5 Responses to “Wonderfully Wintery”

  1. rhembein

    Cute! I love making stuff outta cord, it looks so dang cute!! And is durable!

    And yes, I still have the XT. 🙂


  2. heidi

    i am in love with navy as well and that cordoroy is fabulous! as is the pic of your sweet family! wow!

  3. Blake's Mommy

    This is so cute! I love the pants! Maybe I’ll have a girl one day and then I can order stuff from you!! 🙂

  4. Melly

    Very, Very cute!!!!

  5. sadira

    Oh! How can you not love corduroy? It is a truly wonderful set…I love all the fabrics together AND the design…

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