Emely 1.0

Posted On December 6, 2007

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Here’s my first attempt at the Farbenmix Emely vest and skirt. I’d actually planned to use the Martha Negley and blue feather cord for this set but changed my mind after this attempt.

I bought these three fabrics (the third is on the pockets, which I don’t think you can see that well, so you’ll have to trust me) with the intention of sewing this set. I really enjoy picking out fabric and seeing how an outfit comes together to match the idea in my head.

Miss L is pretty solidly a size 92 (Euro sizing). She’s really quite dainty and I rarely, if ever, add the seam allowance to a Euro pattern since I inevitably end up having to take things in here and there after the fact when I do.

The Emely offers pattern options for both slender and solid children, so I decided to use the slender and size up to the 98/104 (again, not adding a seam allowance).

Bad idea.

I think the skirt is OK but I actually would like it just a little fuller. As it is, there’s really not much gathered by the waistband. And the vest. Oh, the vest. It’s supposed to have buttons and button up the back. Only, I can barely get the finished edges to meet. No way could I do buttons. Also, it’s about four inches too short.

I still think it’s quite cute and she received lots of compliments on her outfit today. Just racking up another one to “learning experience.”


9 Responses to “Emely 1.0”

  1. Kuky

    Very nice outfit. And the skirt looks good. I don’t look at it and think it needs to be fuller. I think ooooh I want one! šŸ™‚

  2. alittlemoore

    I think it is adorable and you will rock the Emely when you try it again šŸ™‚

  3. Erica

    Oh how cute! Love it!

  4. Jessica

    I love it!- So hip and retro… little miss fashionista!

  5. Lisa

    This is soooo cute. It’s also nice to have such an adorable model to help show off all your wonderful creations.

    Happy holidays!

  6. Helena

    oh my gosh, i think it’s so cute,

  7. Stephanie

    This is such a cute picture, just adorable.

  8. sadira

    Well…it’s still a lovely learning experience, she looks so cute…I love the fabric combinations!

  9. Angelina

    She really is so lucky to have a mom who is mastering the art of making her clothes. I’ve never seen such a well dressed kid who’s mom is making her wardrobe herself! Even when some of the projects don’t go as you planned, somehow they still look great.

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