Crazy for Cookies

Posted On December 19, 2007

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I love baking. It’s such a satisfying exercise, combining ingredients and creating something so delicious that can be enjoyed by so many.

The past few years, I’ve been a bit restrained in my holiday baking, making only two or three types of cookies. Good for my diet but not nearly as fun as baking a great variety of goodies. And that’s what I did this year. So far, I’ve made banana nut bread, gingerbread, Reese’s Chewy Chocolate Cookies, chocolate crackles, butter cookies, chocolate chunk bars and caramel pretzel bars. Oh, and the best little yummy raspberry crescent cookies on the planet. The dough isn’t sweet — just cream cheese and flour — but they’re like soft little nuggets of crack. There’s no eating just one (which is why there were none to share; I ate the entire batch).

To save myself, I started putting the bags of cookies in the freezer. It mostly worked: my sweet daughter found the bags in the freezer and started snacking on them at her convenience.

There were enough, however, to fill a few cookie boxes so Honey could take them to work and share with his colleagues. The boxes to the left are part of the Martha Stewart line found at Michaels. Just the right size for giving as cookie samplers. I picked up some larger boxes at Target to give the partners in his section. All told, there are 20 boxes of cookies headed to work with him tomorrow (plus a mini loaf of gingerbread).

My baking is not yet done. I still have to make cookies for Miss L’s holiday program at school, and I’d like to take a few to our neighbors here on the cul de sac. Plus, my kids are clamoring for more cookies. Because the ones they’ve been sneaking haven’t been enough.

They’re all so pretty. I just want to leave them on the counter and admire them, but that’s a bad idea with two cats and a dog that can sniff out chocolate from 100 yards away.

Oh, more cookies! Aren’t they sweet? I had to try my hand at some felt ones. Well worth the effort, in my opinion. Of course, I’ve had them cut out for weeks but procrastinated until the absolute last minute assembling them. I used another of the Martha Stewart boxes to package them, and boxed them up with the apron as a Christmas gift for our niece, who is 2.5. It’s so hard to send away gifts like this. I put so much time and effort and thought into them, and worry if they’ll be appreciated or if it’s another “Tante Mary made more crap” kind of thing.

Couldn’t leave out the brother of the aforementioned niece, so I whipped up this cape and shield from the Winter 04 (I think) issue of Ottobre. I made the cape entirely out of cotton instead of lining it with satin. I also skipped the pieced applique on the cape, instead tracing the pattern and scanning it into Photoshop, where I colored it. Printed it on fabric paper, added Heat n’ Bond and stitched it down.

I also altered the shield and made the whole thing out of felt. A little floppy but I think it was easier than dealing with turning an interfaced shield right side out. OK, and I also wanted to get this thing done really fast because it had to go out today.

And it did.


9 Responses to “Crazy for Cookies”

  1. Kat

    I’d be right in there with your kiddos sneaking the cookies from the freezer! They look Yum-o-licious!

  2. Rachel

    I’m so horrible at baking. I think the oven has something against me. even the dough I buy from the store ends up burnt.

  3. Leslie

    Oh I love all the cookies! Esp the felt ones!!! Did you have a pattern for those? The apron is darling and the cape and shield are so cool! Your niece and nephew are going to love them I bet!

  4. heidi

    you have been crazy busy haven’t you?! love it all!! i’ll take one box of cookies please…need to go to the store and get started on mine!

  5. Jen

    Um, can I come over for some cookies? And I love the gifts…so cool!

  6. Helena

    um excuse me tante mary, you can always send me some cookies and an apron and both would be very much appreciated! PS, what’s the recipe for the “crack” cookies, just a link is cool no need to write out the whole recipe!

  7. Megan

    Jeepers Mary, do you ever sleep?

  8. Courtney

    I really like those cookie boxes, they really would have made my last week easier! Have to make a mental note for next year.

    I know how you feel, ‘Tante Mary’, I’m always fearful when I send handmade gifts off to my family. So often people don’t see the time and effort that goes into hand crafted goodies. Personally, I would LOVE to have received your darling felt cookies and a new apron!! I’m sure your niece and nephew will love their gifts!

  9. Cathy Hazelwood

    I completely agree with Courtney. Your gifts were perfect.

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