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Posted On December 20, 2007

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I have a little routine when I plan to write. I go to the store and pick out a new notebook and always, always, a new pen. Never a boring color like red or blue or black but something fun. Purple. Pink. Aqua.

At this point, I have about 600 little notebooks filled with all sorts of scribbles and notes. Don’t ask about the pen collection.

I had about an hour to kill this morning after dropping off Miss L at school (today was the preschool’s Christmas program), so I ran down to my favorite Kroger — the one with a Starbucks and free wifi — and picked out a box of cold medicine, a notebook and some new pens (violet). Walked myself over to the Starbucks counter and chatted up the barista (a friend of my son) while he made my Peppermint Mocha Frappucino (light).

And then I sat down and proceeded to write. For about an hour.

It felt good. Right. Liberating to write for me, instead of an editor (although I ain’t knocking the pay). The utter freedom to write what’s in my head and know that the direction I’m heading is somewhere new and exciting, at least for me.

Writing is the one thing I have not made time to do since I enacted my new scheduled life last month. A schedule, I should mention, that went pffffftttttt when the holiday crunch hit and I needed to do this or that right now. (Really, I should be folding laundry right now instead of blogging but oh, well.)

It’s a good start and one I hope to make time to continue in the next couple of weeks. My goal is to wrap up that particular project soon after the new year and begin another, longer term project (after completing an actual paying gig that will make a nice addition to the Mary’s New Serger Fund). I’m enjoying the process of writing in a way that I haven’t — outside of blogging — in a very long time. No pressure, no plans.

Just me, my notebook and my pretty violet pen.


4 Responses to “Pen & Paper”

  1. sadira

    I love any excuse to buy a new pen! In fact, I have noticed here at the shop that they are running in short supply…and I shall have to remember to get some new ones soon!! Enjoy the writing…

  2. Angelina

    I love how every writer has their own particular pen and paper needs. I can’t bear to write with anything but a razorpoint pen and I have one particular notebook that I use every time and if they ever stop making them? I will probably go on a hunger strike.

    I’m glad you got to do some writing.

  3. kristi

    I’m such a sucker for notebooks and pens. I rarely buy them for myself, but cherish those I receive as gifts. This was a wonderful post to read, as I am just starting out as a freelance writer, and after the holidays are over, I plan on giving my career a much-needed kick in the pants, or as much as I can with a 16-month-old running around.

    Great post on Melissa’s blog today, btw. You are teaching your children well.

  4. Stephanie

    First let me say that I also love peppermint mocha fraps, yum!! I love to do that at Starbucks as well, either buy a magazine and read or sit and write something down and collect my thoughts. I love your post about collecting little notebooks (unusual ones) and pens, I sure can relate to that.

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