The Never-ending Eve

Posted On December 25, 2007

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We’re still up, waiting for Santa. As is Miss L. Good thing I have cooking to do or else I’d have to do something productive. Like fold laundry.

I finished the last of the Christmas jammies just in time for dinner. The jacket still needs buttons and buttonholes but it can wait. After dinner, we held our Second Annual Family Gingerbread Man Decorating Contest. Honey helped Miss L while the boys and I decorated solo. (Only four cookies to each box from Publix.) Fun, fun! Of course, all good things must end:

This is what happens when the entire family goes downstairs to open a couple of presents and the dog has the run of the dining room. Or, rather, the dining room table. She ate G’s entire creation and this much of mine. I’m sure she’s going to get sick tonight, so more Christmas fun. Maybe I can pay one of the boys to clean that up …

We always open one present on Christmas Eve. This year, I made the jammies, more or less. The boys often don’t wear shirts to bed so no tops were made for them. I had planned for them to have the same flannel jammies but my inability to do math on the fly (i.e., the cutting counter at Joanns) means I ended up short on flannel. Again. I ran back over there yesterday and picked up the fun guitar flannel for Gar ($2 a yard!). He loves it as much as his brother loves the comics flannel. I’m rather enamored of that cute pink tree flannel. Not enough leftover for much of anything that would fit me, though.

Wishing you and yours a merry holiday filled with many wonderful things!


6 Responses to “The Never-ending Eve”

  1. Blake's Mommy

    Cute jammies! Where are J’s curls?!?!?!?!

  2. pam

    Merry Christmas!!! Your kids are darling!

  3. thedomesticdiva

    What good looking kids you have!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Xmas!

    With friendship,

  4. Leslie

    What a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition — the jammies. I love them! And such a happy group of kids. Hope the dog didn’t leave you a Christmas morning “gift” from the cookies!

  5. sadira

    Oh…we do jammies for Xmas eve also…even though we haven’t for a few years…my mother did this year and, while my mother didn’t make them this year, we got organic ones…it was wonderful!!

  6. Jen

    Seriously, they are so cute. 🙂
    Merry christmas Mary and family…sorry to hear about your loss.

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