The Rest

Posted On January 5, 2008

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I actually remembered to take a couple of pictures before I left to meet my friend Emily yesterday morning. Oh, I like this set! I wanted something her daughter could wear now and keep wearing as spring arrives. It might even make it into summer, with the addition of some buttons on the straps.

I still have a wee bit of both prints and may just have to make something for me from them. They’re just too pretty not to use!
It’s nice to just get to see her and hang out; she’s pretty crafty/artsy herself and I enjoy talking to her about it. My daughter and her son are the same age (born about a month apart) and I get a kick out of watching them interact. Three year olds socializing are a riot!

Only one more day with all three kids at home, so I’m forcing asking the boys to pack up all the Christmas stuff and put it back in the attic. They’re big, strong, young men — and I have sewing to do.


17 Responses to “The Rest”

  1. Cathy

    That set is so cute! I love that fabric.

  2. Rachel

    that is the most adorable dress EVER!! seriously! EVER!! I soooo need to learn how to sew.

  3. mermaids

    very pretty fabrics! i like them because they are not babyish. very sophisticated.

  4. heidi

    that whole set is more awesome than i can handle! way to go!

  5. designonpost

    I love that! Did you invent the pattern yourself?

  6. Lis Garrett ~ a writer's woolgatherings

    Cute as always. šŸ™‚ I especially love how you pushed the straps thru the buttonholes and knotted them. Clever, indeed!

  7. Jessica

    Too cute Mary- already rocking in 2008!!! Darnling fabric too…

  8. Jessica

    Too cute Mary- already rocking in 2008!!! Darling fabric too…

  9. sadira

    How wonderful!! I like the big bold pattern, and the colors are going to be just perfect to carry her through until summer…

  10. Lisa

    This is soooo cute. I love this fabric too. Amy Butler?

    Great project and pictures.

    Happy New Year!

  11. jessica

    lovely work – and how lucky of you to have boys to out away your Christmas stuff šŸ˜‰

  12. Katie

    That is so gorgeous! I wish I had a little girl to put that on!

    Oh, and when your done, can you send those boys up here. We need our stuff put away too!

  13. Tiff @ Three Peas in a Pod

    That is soo cute! I wish my daughter was little like that. She’s almost a teen!

  14. Krista

    *that’s my favorite fabric from that line, Mmmm*

  15. Erica

    GORGEOUS! I love love love it!

  16. Lynn

    That is so adorable! I absolutely love that fabric. I so want to make something for my baby brother/sister now.

  17. Courtney

    So cute!! I adore that fabric. I’ve got a chunk of it that I’ve been too afraid to cut into but I’m feeling a bit inspired. I think the crown is what put me over the edge. LOVE the crown.

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