Vintage Goodness

Posted On January 11, 2008

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Miss L and I stopped by the antique market in our city’s downtown area after lunch on Thursday. I like peeking in there once in a while to see if anything strikes my fancy. Often, I leave empty handed.

I told my girl we were going on a treasure hunt and that seemed to excite her. She’s 3; I’m sure she was not thinking the same types of treasures that I had in mind.

We checked out some vintage sewing machines and yellowing cotton baby clothes. A few steps away, I found my first treasures of the day: vintage Valentines. No pics yet; those will have to wait a bit.

Instead, you can take a gander at my other finds: an embroidered hankie and old postcard. I think I spent $10 on all four things — not the greatest bargains ever but definitely worth it to bring home some things that I really love. All of my handkerchiefs are vintage and get regular use. This one seems a little more fragile than the others, but the embroidery just grabbed me.


3 Responses to “Vintage Goodness”

  1. alittlemoore

    I adore antique stores. Those are some great finds. I can’t wait to see the valentines!

  2. Rachel

    oh I love antique stores! I should find one, I haven’t been to one in a million years. I used to have an antique dolls (my grandmothers). I think it’s in a box somewhere. Love that doll.

  3. sadira

    Treasure hunts are the best aren’t they? My mother and my father both make their living in the antique business…and they have THE BEST houses to visit and hunt in (although, they don’t usually like to sell me their treasures…LOL!!)

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