No Cheating

Posted On January 17, 2008

Filed under Confession

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I Scored a 100%!

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3 Responses to “No Cheating”

  1. Laura

    I got a 93%. Not sure what I got wrong, although I know I wasn’t sure about a couple of them.

  2. melanie

    I also scored 93% and I am totally baffled. I wish it let you see what ones you got wrong.
    I love quizzes.

  3. Kuky

    I got 87%. It’s the “its” that throw me. I get the use of “it’s” as a contraction but when it’s used as a possessive, I get it wrong. But I just looked it up and I do not think I will get it wrong in the future.

    And I’m sure I missed an r or an s in the spelling parts. Thank goodness in real life I have spell check. 😀

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