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Posted On January 17, 2008

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I have had the best time pulling together this darling birthday-girl set. A friend asked if I could do something with this beautiful fabric which she bought and never used. How could I resist? It’s so feminine and sweet, and I just adore the print.

I found the twill for the pants first. Actually, I didn’t know it was going to have pants until I stumbled over the twill. It’s a perfect match and I hear the weather where this little girl lives calls for pants pretty much year ’round. Serendipitous!

I have always admired the way Sandi uses trims and one of my sewing goals this year is to incorporate more embellishments in my work. The pretty crochet trim here is so dainty but I think it works well, not overwhelming in the slightest. I asked my oldest about adding the trim to the top of the bodice; he was skeptical. After it came together, even he had to admit it was a good idea.

• • • • •

Thanks for the comments and e-mails about yesterday’s picture post. I’m trying a “Word-Free Wednesday,” at least for now, to have a place to incorporate some of the daily photos I’m taking. Yes, snow is a rarity in these parts. Around the time I took that picture, it actually started to stick. Within a couple of hours, the snow turned into freezing rain and made that 1/2-inch a nice bit of crusty slush. Nothing to cause our immediate area to shut down but the county north of mine had school closings and the like. It was, of course, a great disappointment to my oldest, who was hoping for the first snow day of the year. Poor kid. It’s not like he’s not getting a three-day weekend for his birthday.


12 Responses to “Sew Fun”

  1. iknitipurl

    Adorable outfit. I love the print!

  2. Jessica

    I love the little ruffle at the bottom of the pants… adoreable!

  3. Kuky

    That’s a very sweet outfit. So how do you add the trim? I’ve only added trim once? Twice? But it was an afterthought. I just top stitched it to a hem and I don’t think it looked right.

  4. Krista

    So cute!
    Boy, she has had that fabric for awhile, huh? I had fabric from that collection that I made a Crib set from and she’s almost 3 now LOL. I love it.
    The crochet edging sets it off perfectly!!

  5. Jen

    Very sweet and I love the trim and the whole outfit. What a lucky little gal to be receiving this!

  6. Laura

    Wow, I really love it. The knots through the buttonholes is genius!

    Where do you get crochet trim like that? It’s a nice change from the rick rack I always end up using.

  7. Heather

    Oh I love how feminine this is! The crochet just makes it perfect. Did you crochet that or purchase it? Also the color from the pants makes everything pop!

  8. Becky

    What pattern are you using for the dress? Very cute!

  9. sadira

    That fabric is TOO cute…I’m so glad you found something to do with it, although I’m sure your friend just knew you’d come through! The style of both pieces is very cute…I am loving the dainty trim as well…It’s all just the perfect colors isn’t it?!

  10. Melly

    Yum, yum, YUM!!! That dress is just divine!!!!!! It looks so cute and I am sure it is simply darling on! Hmmm makes my attempt at pants seem very simple!

  11. jennbenn

    I really laughed at your post! I can so relate to snow in the south. We are the exact same way here in Memphis! It is crazy, but so true! I LOVE the little outfit you made. It is adorable. The trim is perfect! Did you make up the pattern yourself? If so, you are GOOD!


  12. Cathy

    The outfit is absolutely adorable!

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