Snow Way

Posted On January 19, 2008

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I am in a state of denial. We’re expected to get 1-3 inches of snow today.

In areas where winter weather is the norm, that’s hardly a big deal. This is the South; a half inch of snow can shut down the metro area like you wouldn’t believe. Seriously. So you can only imagine what 1-3 inches will do for this area.

And my date night.

Yes, Honey and I had planned a date for tonight. I’m thinking now that “date” will mean “lock the bedroom door and watch a DVD.”

Oh, well. At least we’re prepared. I followed standard Southern snow storm procedure and ran to the store yesterday to buy bread and milk. (If this were an impending hurricane, it would be bottled water and lunch meat. Don’t ask; just accept it.) I popped the battery to the video camera on the charger and have mentally determined what we have that can serve as a makeshift sled.

Now, we just wait.


5 Responses to “Snow Way”

  1. Lis Garrett

    Hee hee! I have family down your way, and I love how they get so excited by a little dusting of snow. Of course, our kids still go to school when there is a foot of snow and it’s 0 degrees. Blech.

  2. Monique

    Where are you located? We are in NC and we have that same prediction?
    I hope it comes true (I would like a little snow)

    We have done the same (bread and milk purchased and we are just waiting!)
    I just want to say I love your blog and hope to be able to do the same someday (just starting out…again)

    Have a great “snow” day

  3. Heather

    ROFL, I know those standard preparedness rules! I always thought it was a VA thing. I love the snow though being a FL girl from birth. Try to enjoy it.

  4. mermaids

    i’m in the “snow path” too. i grew up in the south….deep, deep south. however, i still giggle at all the fuss over a few flakes. personally, i hate the stuff. if it were sunny and 75 degrees every day, i would be a happy girl.

    i was LOL this morning as the news was filled with reporters standing outside saying, “here we are in such and such city…still nothing yet.” did we really need to see a report on nothing? the snow isn’t even expected until later this afternoon.

    the only good thing about this “storm” is that it is a weekend. i can curl up by the fireplace with hot cocoa and book. i don’t know how to drive in winter weather and not really interested in learning.

    stay warm!

  5. designonpost

    I’m about an hour and a half SW of Atlanta…I don’t think we’re expecting any snow…it’s raining and cold and gross outside. We might die of cabin fever by Tuesday morning! Stay warm and safe!

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