That’s a Wrap

Posted On January 22, 2008

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Boy, it’s been a whirlwind few days around here. Snow, a birthday, a holiday. It’s enough to keep me occupied and away from the computer, for sure.

My oldest celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday. SEVENTEEN. That seems so old, which makes me feel so old. LOL! He and his best female friend went to the rock-climbing gym and then the movies (I Am Legend). Afterward, we had our annual family dinner at his favorite Italian restaurant.

Today I got a little sewing done while Miss L was at preschool: Burda 2989. I actually picked up the pattern and fabric to sew them up for my sister-in-law. She’s been wearing a similar style on stage and is always in need of extras for when she does her mini-tours. I found some pretty linen/cotton at Joann’s during the 50-percent-off-clearance-fabric sale, which was perfect for my first attempt at these pants.

I love them! It doesn’t show up in the pictures but the fabric has embroidered circles on it. My only criticism is that the ties are a little too short (although to be honest, the pants are probably a size too small for me, since I made them for Jenn). They sewed up pretty quickly, too, although it’s such a big difference to sew “grown-up clothes” — man, do those seams go on forever. I’m definitely going to sew up a pair (or two) of these for me. They’ll be perfect for the steamy Southern summers.

I’m definitely going to have to sew them, since I signed up for the new challenge posted at the blog At Home. It sounds like a fun way to make sure I sew a little something for me this year. Go check out the details and sign up!


10 Responses to “That’s a Wrap”

  1. Laura

    I’ve never worn pants like that, but they look so comfy. I agree that the tie looks to short. Seems like an easy fix for the next pair though.

  2. HeatherB.

    those pants are really cute…I am picturing them in all sorts of fun summer prints – perfect for the pool!!! I agree, longer tie….just not long enough for the little one to untie!!

  3. Kuky

    I have a pair of pants like that. But I didn’t make them. Wait I have TWO pairs of pants like that. And I’ve never worn them. I can’t ever seem to find anything that matches. Or maybe I’m afraid they’ll gape open at the worst possible moment. 😉

  4. Jessica

    Cool pants… so what does your sister do ‘on stage’? LOL! 🙂

  5. Krista

    My Mom brought me back a pair of this style pants from her trip to Bali years ago. Love them…and still have them.
    Awesome challenge too. I’ve been trying to sew for myself. I pull the patterns out, read the directions…even have some of them traced… and it ends there. You just need so much yardage for adult clothes and it’s hard for me to commit, LOL. So I hear ya on the seams taking forever to sew. 🙂 Good luck.

  6. Laura

    Mary, is that pattern similar to this tutorial? I was thinking that they might be a good project for me this weekend. Although, it looks like these ones tie in the back….

  7. sadira

    Wow! I knew y’all were party people!! Seventeen is a fun year (if I remember back that far…lol) I love the pants…they are a wonderful color and a super fun design…wrap pants are really comfortable to wear as well…She’s a lucky girl…I am excited to see what you make yourself!

  8. lisa

    Cute…and you are so skinny! Love the new banner BTW.

  9. Erica

    Those look so comfy! Uh hem….lookin good there hot mama!

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