Bread for Sharing

Posted On February 6, 2008

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8 Responses to “Bread for Sharing”

  1. Nhi

    Ahhhh…Amish friendship bread. I made tons of this and tried a variety of different puddings which lemon was my favorite. After baking this for two rounds, I then froze my batch after the 10th day. I haven’t baked with it yet but my sil froze it on the first day, unfroze it and went through the 10 day process, baked it and it turned out fine. 😉 BTW, I just love the outfits you sew. Thanks for the inspiration. Nhi

  2. Ula

    Looks great. You’ve been busy!

  3. Jen

    Yes, we’ve had this visit our home twice so far. And I never succeed in finishing it. We just eat the bread we get. 😉

  4. heidi

    oh man i love that stuff!

  5. sadira

    How wonderful! I would love some…I wish I was closer, I could use a little snack…

  6. Kuky

    Mmmm I’ve always wanted to try making bread. My sister made bread once. But she did something wrong and it didn’t rise. It was this tiny thin thing. BUT it was soooo delicious.

  7. Blake's Mommy

    how funny. i just got this today in a ziploc bag. however, my sister-in-law forgot to bring the directions! can you email them to me?!?!?!

  8. thedomesticdiva

    oh my…I haven’t seen these in ages. I’ve done several years back. I’d love to start a batch. Anyone know how to get the recipe started?

    With friendship,

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