Family Values

Posted On February 9, 2008

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Did you miss me?

I took an unexpected blog break this week. On Tuesday, I found out that my cousin and her boyfriend would be coming to visit us. It had been nearly three years since we’d seen each other, between her deployments to Iraq. Needless to say, I dropped everything (more or less) to get ready for her stay.

Sasha is my first cousin once removed and hands down the most mature almost-23-year-old I’ve ever met. Very bright and just “together.” She was taking college classes while still in high school and is majoring in international affairs. Among her hobbies? Taking part in Civil War re-enactments — she actually owns a six-bone hoop skirt frame! I just love her to pieces and am so glad we are as close as we are, and Honey and I were thrilled to be able to play host to she and her sweetie for a couple of days.

Miss L warmed up to “Cousin Sasha” very quickly, as well as “Mr. Paul.” We stayed up late both nights they were here just yakking and looking at pictures and playing catch up. As much as I love my friends, there’s really nothing quite like being with your family; they know your embarrassing stories but know better than to bring them out since you also know their embarrassing stories!

It was a little sad to see them leave today but they needed to get home to take care of their kitty. And I think we’ve managed to convince them to return in April to attend the renaissance festival with us (and I think Sasha’s convinced me to dress up this year!).


7 Responses to “Family Values”

  1. Kuky

    What a lovely picture. I like how the light comes up on their faces. How did you do that? It’s beautiful.

  2. Lisa

    Wow, this is one lovely picture. This would make such a beautiful scrapbook page-hint-hint.

    How nice to spend time with your visiting family. I’m sure all of your regular readers (like me) understand that sometimes life must take priority.

    I also love that picture with the cute little ballet shoes in one of your earlier posts. Adorable!

  3. Melissa Garrett

    Beautiful! I just love their expressions. You can just tell have very relaxed and comfortable they are with each other. LOVE that thumb-in-the-mouth and heavy eyes. 😉

  4. Angelina

    That is a wonderful photo! It sounds like it was a great visit.

  5. sadira

    Oh, I definitely missed you…but that’s the perfect excuse! I’m so glad you guys had a fun visit, and there’s another one in the works…That is a wonderful picture as well.

  6. Leslie M

    This picture gives me goosebumps. I’m glad you had fun with your cousin. Look at those beautiful girls!

  7. Barb

    A special moment captured.

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