Camera Crazy

Posted On February 10, 2008

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I’ve spent much of this morning scanning and manipulating pictures in Photoshop as I work on a gift for Honey. While I was occupied at my desk, I decided to go ahead and scan in the first roll I shot with my Holga 120CFN. I bought it last year after visiting the Annie Liebovitz exhibit — not that she uses a Holga, but I saw some in the museum gift shop then went home and researched them.

What a cool camera! All the reading I did made me realize how much I missed shooting with film. I guess it’s part adventure (the mystery of not knowing what’s captured until the prints are done), part tactile (actually getting prints made) and part luck (what will the plastic yield this time?). I’d also wanted a medium-format camera since forever and you can’t get much cheaper than a Holga.

Of course, it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to shoot that first roll of 120. With my digital camera, I routinely fire off dozens of frames of the same thing, reviewing and deleting as I go. Somehow, it felt wasteful to do the same thing with my Holga — not to mention expensive, since there’s processing and printing involved. I didn’t really want to pay for 12 photographs of the same thing.

It was so exciting to rip into that photo envelope and see my pictures! Although my camera has a flash, I did not use it with my first roll (or my second, which is halfway finished). In retrospect, I wish I had installed the batteries for the flash so I could have used them when I took pictures at my sister-in-law’s show in August. Still, I think they looked pretty cool — especially my first double exposure.

Using the Holga has definitely revived my love for film photography. I’ve since added a Kodak Duaflex IV to the lineup (it’s in need of repair; the shutter doesn’t fully open) and have my eye on a few other toy/vintage cameras that also use 120 film. I keep my Holga in the car so I can take advantage of any photo ops that arise, and I’m hoping to finish the current roll (black and white) in the next week or so because I’m itching to see what’s on there!


3 Responses to “Camera Crazy”

  1. Kuky

    We were never good with rolls of film. It would take forever for us to get them printed, or to finish a roll for that matter. I’m tempted to get one but I’m worried we will do the same thing.

  2. Helena

    you should get a lomography camera, you can do it to your digital photos at, “make pics look old” but the real thing would be cool too!

  3. Kuky

    And I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days. I just realized right this moment how much I’m liking old looking photos lately. I looked back at some of the new blogs I’ve subscribed to and all their pictures have an old feel to them.

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