Posted On February 10, 2008

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Lisa likes to poke me every now and then and remind me that I need to do a little scrapbooking. I have to admit that it’s been less of a priority for me. It’s a shame, because I really do enjoy the design process.

These two pages are from a book I made for Honey. We don’t really have a song, so I compiled the lyrics of all the songs I think have touched us or been a part in our history, then packaged them with photos of us and some journaling.

It was supposed to be an anniversary present, and then a Christmas present. It will most certainly arrive after Valentine’s Day — but it’s finally done. My big hang up was the photographs. We’ve been together 13 years but have few pictures taken together. Usually one or the other of us is holding the camera. I really didn’t want to use a bunch of photos from our wedding or the couple of portrait sessions we’ve had since then. And then, of course, everything had to be scanned. Wah wah wah. Excuses, excuses.

When Honey left to play golf today, I hopped on the computer with the intention of finishing the project. I’m happy to say that it is done. OK, it’s mostly done; I still plan to burn the songs to a CD, which will be put in the scrapbook as well. I uploaded all the pages to Shutterfly and am having them printed in a hardbound book. I really like how those turn out, plus I had a gift card. Now that I’ve finished this digiscrapping project, I feel like I can move on to some of the others I’ve been putting off.


One Response to “Scraptastic”

  1. Lesli

    Congrats on getting your project done – I’m sure it will greatly treasured!!!

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