Be Mine?

Posted On February 14, 2008

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I love Valentine’s Day; it’s another excuse to make cute things and give them to people. We — meaning me and the eldest — have been busy this week with putting together all the goodies. Yes, my teenager likes to give out Valentines. This year, he did wrapped Hershey bars. Not sure if he enjoyed the cutting and wrapping part, but I had no complaints. I had my hands full with other things:

The goodie bags were for the little missy’s preschool class. The covered lollipops, we handed out at yesterday’s ballet class. I’d thought of designing my own but the Confection Collection over at The Shabby Shoppe was just too cute to pass up. That’s also where I bought the template for our Valentines (at the top of this entry). Yes, everything is coordinated. I can’t help myself. (The font is MA Sexy; I thought it was a great match for the papers.) In retrospect, I wish I had nudged down the ribbon on the pictures so it didn’t cut across her face. Oh well.

Here’s a little Valentine love for all of you:

Aren’t they just the cutest things ever? I found these vintage Valentines last month when Miss L and I went “treasure hunting” at a local antique mall. The colors and designs just spoke to me. They’re on my Flickr and I think I’ve fixed the settings so they can be downloaded and incorporated in your collages and crafty projects (personal use only, please). The originals are staying with my inspiration files.

Thanks for the comment love yesterday! Here’s the latest creation. I’m totally in love. I stumbled upon the fabrics and immediately knew they would lend themselves to something over the top. Gotta admit that it scared me a little. I’m not usually an over-the-top kind sewist. Now I’m ready for the weather to warm up so she can actually wear it!

Don’t forget to enter yourself in the drawing for some crafty goodies. You have until tomorrow to comment here. I’ll do the drawing Saturday afternoon (after running a 5K but before meeting friends for dinner and a play). There may be one box o’ good stuff or there may be more — all depends on what’s inspiring me. I do know that there’s an Amy Butler pattern in the mix, as well as some fabric and who knows what else. I’m making a list with all your suggestions, too; definitely some fun stuff y’all are throwing at me!


13 Responses to “Be Mine?”

  1. thepinchokpost

    awesome crafts. and – i’m ADDICTED to Ma Sexy font as well. I used it on EVERYTHING!!!!

  2. Emily

    This outfit is RIDICULOUS… I don’t think I could possibly love it anymore!!!! Seriously. Anyways, I think I’d like to see you do some stationary type stuff b/c I love seeing what you come up with… like those precious Valentine’s you just did!

  3. Laura

    Sigh. I love your blog, but it always makes me a bit sad that I can’t sew as well as you can. That outfit is just fantastic, Mary.

  4. Barb

    love love love the peek-a-boo idea! And the dress is fantastic! So so good.

  5. Lynn

    I LOVE your Valentines. Now I just hope I’ll be crafty enough to come up with something like that when my little brother hits Miss L’s age.

  6. thedomesticdiva

    Love the valentines!!! Too stinkin’ cute!

    And my, that dress ROCKS!!! Way to go!

    With friendship,

  7. Selena

    Your post was total eye candy. I love the colors and fonts and fabric! The outfit is incredible. I can’t believe that it was hand crafted. It reminds me of Oilily which my daughter has fallen in love with ever since I discovered some at a yard sale. Just gorgeous.

  8. Katie

    Oh my goodness. That dress. It’s a fantasy dress! How fun! Now I just need to somehow figure out how to sew well enough so that I could perhaps someday make something like that for my daughter.

  9. sadira

    Oh…everything is just too cute! I totally agree with you, V-Day is just another wonderful day to create fun things to give to other people…that’s entirely the best part!!

  10. Ula

    I love all the Valentines! My daughter and I made her valentines too, but they were not nearly that nice. 🙂

  11. Leslie Marsh

    Miss L’s outfit is SEW wonderful. Guessing you’ve never heard THAT before. Really, fantastic!

  12. Kellie H.

    how much fun! Hope your love day was great! I just love Valentine’s.

  13. Corrine

    WOW Mary!!! Where is the world did you find that gorgeous fabric?! LOVE it!

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