That’s What I Call “Art”

More Wordless Wednesday! 


9 Responses to “That’s What I Call “Art””

  1. heidi

    me too. sweet girl. ever so talented.

  2. Lynn

    Awww, how adorable!

  3. Melly

    What a beautiful photo!! You must be the best photographer and have the best camera – amazing! So cute and a perfect moment captured.

  4. Kuky

    Oooh art time. Where do you get paint-filled paintbrushes from? Never seen them before.

  5. Laura

    She is beautiful.

  6. Stacey

    She is stunning, really–love love love the curls! Speaking of, wow your blog is filled with great things, I’m hurrying back ‘home’ to save your link….Happy WW!

  7. Leeann

    that is the perfectly captured moment. i love it!

  8. sadira

    Oh yes, both the girl and her creation are the very definition of art!!

  9. Krista

    What!? No craft smock?! And you call yourself a sewing Mama. Tsk, tsk. No, but really, I am so totally joking with you. LOL
    A very adorbale picture.
    (now how come when I take pics like that they are so very dark and not share-able? Is there a way to Photoshop that? Or rather PSP it?)

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