The Great Tripod Hunt of 2008

Like my attempt at photographing the eclipse? I’ll give you a tip: it’s much easier if you put your camera on a tripod. Nighttime shooting requires sloooooow shutter speeds, to slow to hold with your hand.

And I know this. So why I thought I could just step onto my deck and snap away is beyond me. Probably the same reason why I didn’t think to look for my tripod until the eclipse was at its zenith. Nope, no idea where it is. I did, however, find my knee brace which was nowhere to be found on Saturday, when I needed it.

Gotta work on that spring cleaning.

I cranked up the ISO on my camera to 800 (I think; I’m too lazy to get off the couch and look) and dropped the shutter speed on the above photo to five seconds. In a perfect world, I would have used the tripod and done a shutter speed of a minute to see if I needed to go longer or shorter. Since that was not the case and camera movement would be inevitable, I opted to “drag” the moon across the picture. I focused on the moon on one side of the camera, depressed the shutter and slowly panned the camera across the sky. I did a few and think this was the best of the lot (and I don’t think that’s saying much).

Oh well. There’s always the next one.


3 Responses to “The Great Tripod Hunt of 2008”

  1. Kuky

    Hee hee. Good try though. I’d like to give outdoor night time shooting a go. Trying to take a picture of the eclipse would have been perfect. Except that we were alone last night. And it was dark and scary outside. And cold. And oh yeah, we were sleeping. 😀

  2. sadira

    Oh, nighttime shots are hard. When R and I went to photo the fireworks he kindly pulled out a little tripod for my tiny camera…and I think I may have chuckled…but if I hadn’t had that…they would have been more blurry than they were to start with…

  3. thedomesticdiva

    ROTFL—yep, there’s always next time.

    With friendship,

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