One Down …

Sixteen to go!

I dug out my Sublime Stitching book yesterday morning and selected a few transfers to use on these tea towels I picked up at the craft store. I bought the book last year but had not done anything with it, other than flip through the pages and admire Jenny Hart’s handiwork. I know: Bad Mary!

Because I have Craft ADD, I have plenty of things like embroidery floss, needles and hoops. Dug them out of the pit that has become my craft closet, and got to work. I thought some outlining really did these patterns justice, with just a touch of satin stitch and cross-stitch. I kind of view these towels as a set, even though they aren’t identical, so I used blue with a bit of yellow on all the serving pieces.

Honey was very sweet in admiring my handiwork last night, and agreed that they would make good gift ideas for Christmas. Guess I’ll be doing some more embroidery this year!


12 Responses to “One Down …”

  1. Katie

    they look great! I love love the cake!!

    I’m in the middle of a big craft ADD myself. I am in the middle of knitting 3 things, working on a quilt a long, sewing for a show, and embroidering! What is wrong with us!?!? hee hee

  2. Ula

    Beautiful stitching!

  3. Marisa

    The tea bag is adorable!

  4. sadira

    Very cute design! I have all that stuff in my house too…

  5. Kuky

    Craft ADD. I have that. And yes I have that kit too. And I have not touched it. Probably in over a year.

    Oh my gawd, I just checked. I got it in 2004!

  6. Lynn

    Beautiful stitching! I especially love the cake. Yummy looking, lol.

  7. thedomesticdiva

    too stinkin’ cute!

    With friendship,

  8. Helena

    those are really really cute

  9. Jessica

    I think they are AWESOME! Question– what does one actually DO with tea towels? LOL 🙂

  10. Jen

    Oh. these are so cute! Hello. I am having a fabric give-away! Please come on over. Or, did you already? Seriously. 😉

  11. nichol

    Nice craftsmanship!

  12. Grandmama

    I have a tea towel in the guestroom drawer just waiting to be embroidered….I’ll get to work and have one other of the many things done. Back in 1971 I remember going to The Stichery in Wellsley, MA to pick up a project because I had FINISHED all the projects I had on tap…..That was the last time they were all complete. I’m once again working on using up……
    It is fun reading all the coments.

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