Shhhh! Don’t Tell Honey

Look what followed me home from the Sewing Expo today:

Just kidding about not telling my husband; he’s actually the one who urged me to buy a new sewing machine. My last two machine purchases were from a big discount retailer. Great for the budget. Less so when it comes to sewing quality. Things started out well with my last Brother sewing machine — purchased about a year ago — but I soon found that it could be … inconsistent. Random thread tension issues that cropped up in the middle of a sewing project. Snapping bobbin threads. The complete unwillingness to sew a buttonhole on an actual garment (but willing to cover every scrap fabric with perfect buttonholes 10 times in a row).

I’ve heard great things about Janomes and the price was right, so I handed over the bank card and drove home with my very first Janome sewing machine. It’s currently on the living room floor, where I sat playing with it while watching the most recent episode of Lost with Honey. It’s so quiet, it didn’t interfere with our viewing experience even a little bit. And it sews like a dream, just so smoothly and perfectly.

Yes, I’m in love.


12 Responses to “Shhhh! Don’t Tell Honey”

  1. Jen

    This is totally like me and the camera that came home with me yesterday from the camera store! Sneaky little devils, eh? 😉

  2. Lynn

    Wow, that looks like a nice quality machine. Congratulations.

  3. thedomesticdiva

    Awesome!!! Love the red details!

    Happy Sewing!

    With friendship,

  4. gregg

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see all the things you whip up with it!

  5. alittlemoore

    Congrats on the new machine! I wish a new machine would follow me home soon 😉

  6. lisa

    Congrats on your new best friend!!!

  7. Stacey

    I love me my Janome too, it’s a good thing!

  8. Jessi


  9. applecyder

    Lucky girl!

    By the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL TEA TOWELS. I just received them in the mail. I had admired them when you originally posted them and felt like I won the lottery when I opened up your lovely package. They are way too beautiful to be used. I think I will have to frame them for my kitchen. They are so sweet. Thanks again. Will post them on my blog soon.

  10. Helena

    I have a Janome from Sears that I bought about 4 years back, I want to upgrade, (stay with Janome) just get a better model; but knock on wood and I’ve sewn a lot, that thing has not really let me down, any issues have all been USER errors. Good luck I hope you love it!

  11. sadira

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family! I hate random tension problems…they drive me absolutely nuts!!!

  12. linnea

    WOW!! Lucky you! It looks so fancy, what a nice Honey you have!

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