Getting Organized is Easy

It’s staying organized that seems to be a challenge for me.

A little more than six months ago, I did a massive purge-and-clean of my craft closet.  Oh, it was so pretty! And I did manage to keep it that way for at least a month. Over time, I fell back into my old habits, namely the “fill a bag and toss it in the closet” method of cleaning my sewing area. I can’t remember the last time I could actually walk into the closet — much less find anything in there.

With all the machine shopping I’ve been doing, I needed to clean my craft area to prepare for using everything. That meant I needed to find the manuals for my old machines (which are headed to Craigslist soon) and no way that was going to happen without doing some real digging. A clean out was the only way to go.

Because I had to spend most of yesterday at home, waiting for both the insurance adjuster* and UPS, I decided it was an ideal day for fixing my mess. I started with pulling out all of my fabric and folding/refolding it, then sorting it (Asian fabrics, silks, linens, corduroy, flannel and everything else by color) and putting it back in the closet. From there, I next went through all the bags, bins and boxes of accumulated stuff, purging and sorting as I went. The last step was putting all my patterns and tracings in their file boxes.

It took all day and  a good part of the evening, but it’s finally done. Again. Here’s hoping it stays that way!

I’ve determined that I don’t need any white serger thread for a good while; apparently I just bought more if I couldn’t find it where I expected it. And I have far more interfacing than I realized. Should be much easier to keep up with now that it’s all in one place.

Oh, and the most ironic find of the day? A book on organizing. Go ahead — laugh. I sure did.

*On my way to the sewing machine store on the other side of town (serger shopping), I got rear ended. Very minor but I’m going to need a new bumper.


9 Responses to “Getting Organized is Easy”

  1. thedomesticdiva

    Way to go, Mary!

    Now let’s see some pics…LOL!

    Until I got my act together (organized my sewing room), I had more than 20 spools of pink thread…and I do boys’ clothes…go figure.

    Have a great day!

    With friendship,

  2. Laura

    I need to organize my craft closet SO badly. I, like you, often just put everything in a bag and toss it in there. I have no idea what fabric I actually have, so I usually just buy new. You just might have inspired me to work on organizing it…..tomorrow. 😉

    PS. We don’t get any pictures of the organized crafty goodness?

  3. Laura

    Nevermind. I see the pics in the other post. Shame on me for replying before reading everything. 🙂

  4. Jessi

    Would you like to come do mine? I haven’t been organized totally even once since I took over my own room. I think I’ve never really set out to figure out just where is the best place to put things. Somehow I manage to still get a little work done.

  5. Jessica

    Wow… I TOTALLY feel ya on this one… Mine was cleaned out and now it’s stacked to the hilt again! 🙂 And… yes, I need to go on a buying diet too!!!! 🙂

  6. Shannon

    I am glad to hear you are okay from your accident. We definately need some pictures:)

  7. Blake's Mommy

    Wow – you’re not having luck with that van! Haven’t you had the bumper replaced once already?!?! Good for you on the organizing. We’ve been having “Operation Attic Decluttering/Organizing” this week and it will continue into next week. JP’s not happy at all.

  8. sadira

    Good for you! I have the same problem. I clean and organize it all up and then say to myself, “now! I’m not going to let it get like that again!” And then for some strange reason…

    It does.

    sigh 😦

  9. Ula

    Ugh, I can so identify with the difficulty in *staying* organized. Like you, I’m in the midst of a massive organizing effort in my sewing room. I am getting a new machine on April 1st and I need to make room. Which means I need to, um, find my sewing table. It’s under all that stuff somewhere, really.

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