Oh Boy!

Posted On March 30, 2008

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We went to a birthday party today. My “nephew” will be one this week. My, how time flies! Although I picked up some toy cars for him, I had to make a little something for him, too.

The latest Ottobre has a cute button-down shirt in it, so I opted to make that (cutting short sleeves instead of long) and a pair of Britches & Bloomers to go with. The fabric is from the nursery prints section at Joann’s. I’m rather partial to sea creatures and the guest of honor is a blue-eyed blond, so I knew it would be cute on him.

I haven’t made too many button-down shirts and this one was a little more challenging because of its small size.  Overall, I think it turned out well.

Of course, I had to make something for his big brother, too. The pants are the same but I did not have enough for a second shirt, so I embellished a tee instead. I’d planned to do an appliqué but found out when I got home that the t-shirt had a pocket on the front. I made a little contrasting band for the top of the pocket and sketched a fish to embroidery on the pocket. Don’t see the fish? It’s because I ran out of time and had to spritz it off the shirt.  It’s still cute, in my opinion.

Definitely a change of pace to sew for little boys instead of girls!


9 Responses to “Oh Boy!”

  1. ariana

    very cute!

    I have a one year old and find this just so inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Christi

    Awwww, it’s so cute, Mary!!! Was this for a weenie friend? I too like sea creatures and loooooooooooove the color combos! I am highly impressed with your skills for matching fabric. I’m fine to do it on a scrapbook page for forget fabric lol.

  3. Kuky

    What great little outfits!

  4. mermaids

    adorable. i miss sewing little boy clothes.

  5. Alisa

    The outfits are adorable! I can never find such nice boy prints around my area.

  6. Laura

    Super cute! I’m sure it’s ridiculously simple, but how did you sew the contrasting band on the pocket of the tshirt?

  7. Angelina

    Mary- I don’t have access to my regular computer or your e-mail so I just want to let you know that I’ve been without internet for three days and won’t have my own until this week-end. I still want your camera! So don’t think I’m ignoring you. You can e-mail me like normal but my response might be slow- I have to come down to a cafe to check my messages. I’ll talk to you soon!

    Very cute boys clothes, by the way!

  8. sadira

    Different sure…but, still cute and colorful!!

  9. breanna

    What sweet gifts! I’m with Laura, and wondering how you sewed the pocket embellishment. You didn’t sew the pocket shut, right?

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