Somber Silhouette

Posted On April 5, 2008

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This was parents weekend at my younger son’s school and his sister and I drove up yesterday. Parent-teacher conferences and campus tours. Mostly, I was looking forward to getting a peek into his dorm room. Usually the residence halls are off limits for visitors but we had a two-hour window for seeing where he lives yesterday.

Totally candid photo. I’m still not consistently getting results with my silhouettes but this one was pretty great, IMHO. I did darken it just a tad but that was about all I did, other than crop and resize.

It’s such a contrast to who he is, this somber silhouette. This is my joker child, the fun-and-games kid, the mischief maker. He’s always so animated and quick with a smile. Little moments like this remind me that he is so much more, though.

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8 Responses to “Somber Silhouette”

  1. Melissa Garrett

    Oh, how I love this. My Jacob is the same way so in those rare somber moments, all I can do is just sit and stare at him.

  2. nichol

    This looks like a still from a beautiful movie or something. Your daughter must think he is the coolest. I have an older brother who is 8 years older than me, and I always thought he was the coolest.

    Have a nice weekend, Mary.

  3. Kuky

    This is a lovely picture.

  4. sadira

    I think it is a wonderful shot…it make me want to create stories about who this boy is…

  5. Blake's Mommy

    I’m confused on where’s he in school???!?!?!

  6. Pearl D. Blackwell

    Why aren’t your son and this young woman getting their own place? If they are old enough to have a relationship with the consequences it entails they are old enough to pay for their own place, even if they only rent a room in a boarding house somewhere, or share a house with other people their own age. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I wouldn’t let them stay together in my house. I do think it sets a bad precident for the younger children. After all, you are trying to teach them to be responsible, yet allowing the older son and this girl to live in your house is showing they don’t need to be repsonsible for themselves, you will do it for them. Just my opinion!

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  8. nerd

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