Feel the Rainbow

Posted On April 7, 2008

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Tulle has such an interesting texture. I love the way it feels as I work with it, the way it takes on sort of a life of its own as the tutu becomes more and more full.



I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the tulle again in the past week, filling an order from a dance studio. It’s recital season and somewhere, a group of eight little girls will all be wearing rainbow tutus made by yours truly. (See the “big picture” at my Flickr.)

Oh, how I would love to see that! I don’t really choose favorites among my “babies” but these puffy little rainbow skirts make me smile, even as the clock just tick tick ticks away. I stacked them on my dress form as I finished, which gave me an idea for photographing them before sending them off.

Individually, they are so sweet and lovely but layered upon each other, they take on a new dimension. I look at this picture, and it’s almost as if they are undulating in the current, so much motion without ever moving.


18 Responses to “Feel the Rainbow”

  1. Jen

    This makes me happy. I can just see little girls running around in a recital like rainbows!

  2. Ula

    I LOVE all the color! šŸ™‚

  3. Jessi

    I love it – it reminds me of the one dance recital I can remember (I didn’t last long in dance – totally uncoordinated) – lots of tulle and tutu! Fun!

  4. missy

    I love your photography, and your outfits! But mostly the photography! I wish you could photograph my kids! LOL!

  5. Melly

    That is certainly one yummy photo – the colours are just edible!!!

  6. Kuky

    So pretty all together!

  7. dangitAnge

    Very pretty!

  8. thedomesticdiva

    definitely makes ya smile!

    With friendship,

  9. nichol

    Ohhh! It looks like some sea creature!

  10. Jessica

    I just love the color and texture here. You bet that when my little girl gets older I’m going to be ordering a tutu or TWO from you! šŸ™‚

  11. sadira

    How wonderful!! I remember wearing tu-tu’s for my ballet recitals…they always made me feel so fancy and beautiful! I love the picture of all of them on the dress form…although, they DO remind me of a dress one of The B-52’s might wear.

  12. Shannon

    Absolutely fantastic!! The colors are incredible and the camera really captured it!

  13. Alisa

    They look really nice – how did you make them, with an elastic in the waist, or a tie… or? I would love to make some for my girls.

  14. Leslie Marsh

    Gosh, is this an appealing group of tutus! Wouldn’t it be fun to see them animated on little girls?

  15. Lis Garrett

    That is a great picture! I’ve never seen rainbow tutus before, but they are fantastic!

  16. Helena

    too cute and a great pic

  17. mommiemarzie

    They are so cute! The pic kinda looks like one of those clown wigs, tho. šŸ™‚

  18. Michele

    How fun! They look so pretty bunched all together.

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