Who is this “craft addict?”

Mary is a thirtysomething mother of three who lives in the South. She’s been blissfully married to Honey for nearly 10 years. They also are proud parents of three furbabies, all of whom are named for produce (Broccoli, Avacado, Rhubarb). Oddly enough, none of their other children are name for grocery-store items.

When she’s not wrangling her babies or ignoring housework, Mary can be found playing with beads, fabric, paper, thread, clay, glue and a variety of other crafty goods.  If she’s lucky, she’ll actually finish a project before she gets bored or frustrated with that particular craft. If not? Well, there’s always the closet under the stairs, where UFOs (unfinished objects) go to die.


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3 Responses to “Who is this “craft addict?””

  1. Melissa Simmons

    This is one of my favorite patterns too! It doesn’t get any easier. I have made these pants to go under everything—I am currently sewing pants from this pattern to go under last year’s dresses which are now too short! Think anyone will figure me out? I saw your location in the photo background and wondered if that could be the art festival that I used to attend outside ATL. Lo and behold! I don’t live in GA any longer but I do miss some things there! We should chat sometime. So glad I found your blog.

  2. someyoungs

    Mary, I am interested in the Farbenmix dress “Anna” does it come small enough for a 2 year old? If you have made any that small are you interested in selling one? I would like to see if I like the dress before I buy another pattern. Are you interested in a pattern swap? Just bought a Jap. book. Great stuff. Email me at Hutogirls@yahoo.com seanne

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