Posted On June 13, 2007

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I don’t know about your kids, but mine are fascinated with cameras and taking pictures. Perhaps it has something to do with their mother shoving a camera in their faces all the time. Maybe there’s some other reason. I don’t know. But they all love taking pictures — even my little bitty thing. Of course, I’d prefer she not touch any of the cameras, since she’s 2.5 years old and a little rough on her toys, never mind a digital (read: fragile) camera.

That’s what makes this nifty craft idea so much fun — and perfect for little hands.

Have you seen the print advertising for the new Nikon d40?

The magazine ads I’ve seen include a die-cut camera that’s the same size as the actual camera. It’s actually pretty nifty. But the niftiest thing about it is that it’s the perfect size for a child. And with a couple of modifications, it makes a slightly more durable plaything:

Remove the camera from the ad and peel off all the adhesive.

Use a craft knife or small pair of scissors to cut out a window from the back side’s “viewfinder” through the front of the camera.

If desired, you can cut a picture (from a magazine ad or maybe an old photograph) the same size as the “LCD screen” on the back of the camera and tape it down.

Use Contac paper, laminating sheets or a Xyron with double-sided laminate cartridge to encase the “camera.” Trim around the camera, leaving a thin border of laminate so it remains sealed.

Voila! A nearly instant, cheap camera! If you want, you could even hole -punch the sides and string a ribbon through to make a camera “neckstrap” for the proud owner.


It’s a Tough Job

Posted On April 16, 2007

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This weekend, I got to be a little crafty. I wrote a feature for the magazine with Mother’s Day craft and recipe ideas. While our art director made most of the things, I really wanted to do this particular craft, which has been jotted down in my notebook for about a year. (And was I ever surprised to see silhouette crafts in two magazines this month!) It was my first attempt and I think it turned out OK, but I definitely can see room for improvement.