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Feel the Rainbow

Posted On April 7, 2008

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Tulle has such an interesting texture. I love the way it feels as I work with it, the way it takes on sort of a life of its own as the tutu becomes more and more full.



I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the tulle again in the past week, filling an order from a dance studio. It’s recital season and somewhere, a group of eight little girls will all be wearing rainbow tutus made by yours truly. (See the “big picture” at my Flickr.)

Oh, how I would love to see that! I don’t really choose favorites among my “babies” but these puffy little rainbow skirts make me smile, even as the clock just tick tick ticks away. I stacked them on my dress form as I finished, which gave me an idea for photographing them before sending them off.

Individually, they are so sweet and lovely but layered upon each other, they take on a new dimension. I look at this picture, and it’s almost as if they are undulating in the current, so much motion without ever moving.

Somber Silhouette

Posted On April 5, 2008

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This was parents weekend at my younger son’s school and his sister and I drove up yesterday. Parent-teacher conferences and campus tours. Mostly, I was looking forward to getting a peek into his dorm room. Usually the residence halls are off limits for visitors but we had a two-hour window for seeing where he lives yesterday.

Totally candid photo. I’m still not consistently getting results with my silhouettes but this one was pretty great, IMHO. I did darken it just a tad but that was about all I did, other than crop and resize.

It’s such a contrast to who he is, this somber silhouette. This is my joker child, the fun-and-games kid, the mischief maker. He’s always so animated and quick with a smile. Little moments like this remind me that he is so much more, though.

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Kickin’ It, Argyle Style

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The Great Tripod Hunt of 2008

Like my attempt at photographing the eclipse? I’ll give you a tip: it’s much easier if you put your camera on a tripod. Nighttime shooting requires sloooooow shutter speeds, to slow to hold with your hand.

And I know this. So why I thought I could just step onto my deck and snap away is beyond me. Probably the same reason why I didn’t think to look for my tripod until the eclipse was at its zenith. Nope, no idea where it is. I did, however, find my knee brace which was nowhere to be found on Saturday, when I needed it.

Gotta work on that spring cleaning.

I cranked up the ISO on my camera to 800 (I think; I’m too lazy to get off the couch and look) and dropped the shutter speed on the above photo to five seconds. In a perfect world, I would have used the tripod and done a shutter speed of a minute to see if I needed to go longer or shorter. Since that was not the case and camera movement would be inevitable, I opted to “drag” the moon across the picture. I focused on the moon on one side of the camera, depressed the shutter and slowly panned the camera across the sky. I did a few and think this was the best of the lot (and I don’t think that’s saying much).

Oh well. There’s always the next one.

Camera Crazy

Posted On February 10, 2008

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I’ve spent much of this morning scanning and manipulating pictures in Photoshop as I work on a gift for Honey. While I was occupied at my desk, I decided to go ahead and scan in the first roll I shot with my Holga 120CFN. I bought it last year after visiting the Annie Liebovitz exhibit — not that she uses a Holga, but I saw some in the museum gift shop then went home and researched them.

What a cool camera! All the reading I did made me realize how much I missed shooting with film. I guess it’s part adventure (the mystery of not knowing what’s captured until the prints are done), part tactile (actually getting prints made) and part luck (what will the plastic yield this time?). I’d also wanted a medium-format camera since forever and you can’t get much cheaper than a Holga.

Of course, it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to shoot that first roll of 120. With my digital camera, I routinely fire off dozens of frames of the same thing, reviewing and deleting as I go. Somehow, it felt wasteful to do the same thing with my Holga — not to mention expensive, since there’s processing and printing involved. I didn’t really want to pay for 12 photographs of the same thing.

It was so exciting to rip into that photo envelope and see my pictures! Although my camera has a flash, I did not use it with my first roll (or my second, which is halfway finished). In retrospect, I wish I had installed the batteries for the flash so I could have used them when I took pictures at my sister-in-law’s show in August. Still, I think they looked pretty cool — especially my first double exposure.

Using the Holga has definitely revived my love for film photography. I’ve since added a Kodak Duaflex IV to the lineup (it’s in need of repair; the shutter doesn’t fully open) and have my eye on a few other toy/vintage cameras that also use 120 film. I keep my Holga in the car so I can take advantage of any photo ops that arise, and I’m hoping to finish the current roll (black and white) in the next week or so because I’m itching to see what’s on there!

Fun and Games

Posted On January 12, 2008

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I see you!

I’ve been trying to take a photo a day since the new year. I think I really slacked off on working on my photography skills last year, so I thought setting a goal would help me remember to pick up my camera every day. The last time I tried this, I think I made it three weeks. Right now, there’s no plan but I can already tell I’ll need to come up with one if I don’t want to run out of ideas (or have 360 pictures of my kids).

I do know that I will work on taking self portraits this year. Since I take the bulk of the photos in our house, I’m typically absent from those pictures. It makes me a little nervous, to think about being in front of the camera instead of behind it, but I’ll just have to get over it.

Today’s photo session was so I could document the pigtails (first braids!) but also to get some pics for my new blog header. I like the concept but I’m not sure about the execution. I’ll have to try again in a week or two, when Miss L shows some interest in taking photo direction. Thanks to everyone for putting up with my constant blog layout changes this week. I think I’ll stick with this one for a while, although I may tinker with the CSS just a little bit to customize it further. It’s a little cleaner, in my opinion, and I think it gives me more options where photos are concerned.


Posted On January 1, 2008

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Weekend Fun

Posted On October 15, 2007

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Oh, what a fun weekend, albeit a busy one. Dinner with friends, birthday party, shopping excursion, Homecoming. Whew! I’m glad for Monday and a bit of rest.

It took me a couple of hours to go through all my photos and edit them, crop them and upload them so I can get prints. I think I ended up with about 40 for printing and sharing. Most of them include other people’s children, so I can’t share them here. But I will share one pic of Miss L, snapped as she waited for a slice of her buddy’s birthday cake.

Camera Crazy

Posted On October 14, 2007

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That’s the number of pictures I just downloaded from my camera.

All of them were taken today.

Yep, I’m gonna be busy.

(Today’s events included a friend’s birthday party and Homecoming  dance for my oldest.)

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