Posted On April 26, 2008

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Skirt Flirt

I’ve been at it again. Making skirts, that is. They’re just so darn easy! Fast, too. I think these three took me no more than two hours — and that included drafting the pattern.

Casey Scroll skirtRobert Kaufman skirt

I used Sew What Skirts to guide me on the pattern drafting. I’ve drafted A-line skirts before but thought I’d take advantage of some professional advice. I’m happy with the results and even wore one yesterday as my oldest and I toured a college campus. (Totally made my day when a random passerby complimented it, too!)

Today I’ve been lounging around in my new tee. I love it! I bought it from Moxie Madness on Etsy; she was kind enough to list one in the size and color I wanted. I think I’m going to make a cute pair of capris to go with it, since the weather is warming up enough that jeans will soon be uncomfortable.

I’ll be taking a bit of a blog break the next few days as spring break comes to a close, but be sure to catch up with me next week. I have some BIG news to share!

Sleepless in Atlanta

Posted On April 6, 2008

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I need to start getting more sleep.

For a record number of weeks, I have been going to bed at midnight — or later. I’m not big on the sleeping in, so I think the best way to describe myself is “sleep deprived.”

Must. Change. Habits.

It’s Never Easy

Posted On December 31, 2007

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I can’t get used to saying “goodbye.” The funeral for my friend Kim was no different. Heart wrenching, emotional, filled with tears — but also laughter and a chance to reminisce with friends.

It’s hard to believe that I met Kim only last year, at our Junior League’s retreat for new members in August 2006. She had that affect on people, though: You couldn’t help but feel as if you had known her forever.

Kim had the ability to walk into a room and immediately be noticed, not because of anything she did so much as this incredible charisma. Spunky, sassy, sweet, smart, spirited. She was all these things and so much more. She made me feel special, included, important to someone other than a 3-year-old with a snotty face.

During her standing-room only funeral, her husband gave the most beautiful eulogy I think I’ve ever heard. At times funny — and always touching — he told the tearful crowd of friends and family not to ask “why?” but instead to ask “what?” What had Kim taught us?

I’ve thought a lot about that, what I learned from my sweet friend. Kim taught me that it’s OK to have fun — and that I should probably do it more often. To stand up for myself and for what’s right. To let the people you love know how much they mean to you. And to do it all with style.

My life has been made better for knowing Kim, if only for a little while. She may be gone, but never forgotten.

More Ramblings

Posted On December 21, 2007

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My contribution to the Up For Debate section at Lis Garrett’s blog is up. I always enjoy reading them and had a fun time writing one for her. Lis, thanks so much for the opportunity!

It’s Party Time

Posted On October 29, 2007

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Miss L’s birthday party was yesterday. We invited a mix of guests from school and family friends, and ended up with a house full of celebrants and parents. I was actually surprised that no one sent their regrets; that’s never happened before.

I set up a corner with tutus and wings, and each guest was invited to dress up, if she wished. My daughter actually tossed off her wings pretty early, and there was no keeping the handmade birthday crown on her head.

The kids all made their own crowns (cut out beforehand by my oldest) and decorated them with (washable) crayons and stickers. For the first time ever, I had just the right amount of food (instead of three days’ worth of leftovers), although I wouldn’t have minded a few extra sausage balls! Instead of a birthday cake, I served chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with white buttercream and red and white edible glitter (the kids mostly just licked off the icing).

Pictures are sorely lacking. For some unknown reason, I took virtually no photographs. It’s a first for me, since I always have a camera attached to my face. I may stage a cupcake photo with the birthday girl in all her regalia after it comes out of the wash. Yes, I’m not above remaking history for the sake of posterity!

We found out this morning about a little extra party favor: one of her guests has strep. Yay! Crossing my fingers that no one gets it (I did call all the parents to let them know, though).

C’mon Down!

Posted On October 4, 2007

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I printed out all the comments, cut them into strips, folded them and placed them in a bowl from which Honey drew the name of …

Heather! Heather loves Twix but does not have a blog, or I’d link to it.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their candy loves!

The Freaks Come Out At Night

Posted On August 24, 2007

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There were thunderstorms in the area last night, the first rain we’ve had here in more than a month. Of course, it never actually rained at my house — but we could still see a good amount of lightning.

I had the brilliant idea to go out and take pictures of the lightning. We covered night photography in one of my classes and I thought it was a good chance to see what I could do. What I figured out pretty quickly is that suburbia is not that great a backdrop. There was so much light from houses and streetlights that the sky wasn’t really dark at all. I tried anyway but the results were disappointing.

Not to be outdone, I decided to move from the backyard to the front yard. This was a great idea, since there are four streetlights visible from my house — including one in my own yard. What to do, what to do. I decided to try painting with light, something else covered by my class but never before attempted.

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A Birthday, A Birthday

Posted On July 9, 2007

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My poor, neglected blog. Set aside while I try to find my way out from underneath about 600 pounds of fabric. Lots to show — but not quite yet. You’ll have to be satisfied with this little set, made for my niece, who will be two this week.

I love the Russian doll-ish fabric; it came from JoAnn’s. I actually stumbled on the coordinating stripe a couple of weeks after buying the two doll prints (it’s hard to see but the cuff of the pants are a mini doll scatter print — it’s also on the pocket of the pants and the back panel of the dress). The little missy was pleased to model it for me, although now she thinks the outfit is hers. Good thing I have enough fabric left to make one for her!


Posted On July 1, 2007

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Last night I was able to live out one of my teenage-girl fantasies. Even better, it satisfied one of my thirtysomething-mom fantasies: It was free!

A little background: Honey and I are annual donors to the local arts center. We both feel pretty strongly about supporting the arts and both the firms he’s worked for are neighbors to the center and take part in an annual fundraising campaign. For the past three years, we’ve thrown a little money their way. In return, we get a discount on membership and gift-shop goodies, plus the occasional event ticket.

Which is how we ended up at an ’80s flashback concert on a Friday night. We got a query on Monday or Tuesday, asking if anyone was interested in tickets to see Rick Springfield & Friends. Heck, yeah! I didn’t care if they were lawn seats (they were), I wanted to go. I had the most ginormous crush on Rick Springfield back in the day. Not only was he cute and could act (Dr. Noah Drake!) but he played the guitar and could siiiiiiiiing.

The venue is an open-air amphitheater and concert goers can bring in food and drinks. There also are two catering companies who deliver food to the venue. I opted to pick up some food from Wolfgang Puck Express plus dessert from the Kroger bakery (yummy chocolate lava cakes), which brought the dinner cost way down ($26) from the catering options. Not that I mind paying for catering — we’ve done it before — but I’d rather not pay $80 for a dinner I’m not that excited about and nothing on the menu seemed all that interesting.

We set up our beach chair/blankets on the slope, which gave us a nice view of the stage apron. Honey came straight from work, so he was wearing nice loafers, khaki slacks and a polo. I, however, had the benefit of a teenage fashion consult — aka my oldest son — who picked out my cute Rock & Roll Mom tee and olive green cargo shorts.

The concert included Patty Smythe with Scandal and also Eddie Money. Patty Smythe? Smoking hot. Seriously. And she has six kids! Sounded amazing and did a great job working the crowd. Eddie Money was OK; I didn’t realize how many of his songs I knew until last night. He appears to be suffering from an advanced case of oldmanrumpitis, though.

Rick Springfield was fantastic! Even in the pouring rain. Really worked the crowd. And he sounded great — really great voice and just as cute as ever. *sigh* Honey was so sweet to take me and then sit in the rain. He never complained once and I know he really could have cared less to see any of the acts.  For just a little while, I was again a teenager, 14 and singing along as loud as I could. One more thing to cross off the list — and I loved every minute of it.

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