Can You Hear That?

It’s the sound of silence.

It’s a rainy Friday night here in the ATL. Miss L is tucked into bed and I’m camped out on the couch, surfing for a few before I dive into finishing up a tutu order. My oldest is off to the movies with his not-girlfriend and a couple other folks. Honey is away at a firm retreat. My middle child doesn’t start spring break until tomorrow, so he’s still at boarding school.

This is what my life will be like in just a few short years. In a little more than a year, the first of the boys heads off to college and his brother will be only a couple of years behind him. It will be a party of one in Kidville.

Really, it’s not something we didn’t know, back when we were planning and peeing on a stick every month. Honey’s sister is eight years younger than him, so we’d actually seen a little bit of it firsthand.

Tonight, though, is a little piece of that future. I have to admit it’s rather nice. The pace is so different, after all these years with teenagers. Usually, they are up at least as late as I am — if not later. We talk and laugh and fight over the remote control. That little girl, though, has a much earlier bedtime which gives me a bit of alone time that’s rather foreign for me.

But I could get used to it.