Somber Silhouette

Posted On April 5, 2008

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This was parents weekend at my younger son’s school and his sister and I drove up yesterday. Parent-teacher conferences and campus tours. Mostly, I was looking forward to getting a peek into his dorm room. Usually the residence halls are off limits for visitors but we had a two-hour window for seeing where he lives yesterday.

Totally candid photo. I’m still not consistently getting results with my silhouettes but this one was pretty great, IMHO. I did darken it just a tad but that was about all I did, other than crop and resize.

It’s such a contrast to who he is, this somber silhouette. This is my joker child, the fun-and-games kid, the mischief maker. He’s always so animated and quick with a smile. Little moments like this remind me that he is so much more, though.

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